Negan casting beginning soon?

In an interview with the Huffington Post Robert Kirkman said he thinks John Hamm of ‘Mad Men’ fame would be perfect for Negan.

Of course at this point, he is just saying it would be a perfect fit, however, it just goes to show Negan is coming. I would imagine he is going to be introduced at the end of the current “Hunters” cannibal story line.
Wouldn’t hurt to get a couple of Walking Dead #100‘s. Yes I know it has 350,000 copies printed. But the chrome cover could be a good pick, as is the special Negan signed cover (if you can find one and afford it.)

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    1. never go for 2nd or beyond print unless it has

      different cover + small print run + demanded extra attention.
      Sex Criminals #1 4th print, for example.

  1. I grabbed 3 copies of the Negan 2nd print. I like that it’s just him and Lucile on the cover. Not to mention the smaller print run. I’m hoping this will be the issue to have.

    1. I’m not trying to rain on your party. But this issue has 17 covers. Like 8 1st print different cover first prints. 7 crazy variants. And a 2nd and 3rd print. I just do not think it is a good investment from so many other choices.

  2. I only have 1 of the regular Adlard wraparound, 1 of the Mcfarlane and 1 2nd print. I might have to see if I can get another 2nd print or more of the 1st print variants.

  3. The 2nd print variant with just Negan already sells between $10-$15. I honestly think this one will be the cover most desire, at least with the TV fans who then pick up the comics when the characters are introduced.

    1. I agree with drew, this one will be the one to collect above all other 100’s regular covers. Best depiction of Negan and Lucie in their full glory.

  4. I forgot to mention I grabbed my three copies for 99 cents each at Hastings. Might be worth checking out if you live near a Hastings.

    1. I live by 3 hastings’ and they are all 3.99 for the ones they have. Unless they lowered it or they’re having a sale… When did you get them?

    2. Nearest Hastings to me would cost around a half a tank of gas, so definitely not worth it.
      I gobbled up all the ones I could find on eBay this morning that were in NM condition and $10 or less.. I hope my gambling pays off when Negan is introduced to the show. πŸ˜›

  5. It was earlier this year. They started a 25 cent box and also have a ton of back issues with red 99 cent stickers on them.

    1. You lucked out. I’ve never seen anything good like walking dead there for 99 cents. I’ll still probably get 2 more though

  6. Uh, it’s “Mad Men”, not “madman”. You should very much consider proof reading.
    I could do this all day.
    I don’t rag on you to be a dick, but to help you improve your writing/site. I read it everyday, and enjoy most of the info posted.
    But you should try harder to be better.

      1. Don’t worry Anthony, most know what your talking about! I only care about errors or proper grammar/spelling if it’s:
        A) For work cause your getting paid.
        B) It’s for school because your being graded to write formally.
        Anything else on the web is just casual conversations. If you can’t read or understand it, that’s one thing but if all you care about is minor errors, I think one should stay away from the interwebs! πŸ˜‰

        1. Thanks Drew. I do not mind constructive criticism. I think that is where he was coming from. I do most of my posts for the next day at midnight or 1 AM. I do try to run this professionally as possible as I would love for it to evolve into something where I do get paid. However, and as a former high school English teacher, I do sometimes rush through as I have two kids to get bathed and off to bed, a wife, and still need sleep for my day time job as a social worker. I am either sacrificing sleep or grammar/spelling when I rush through. Cheers all the same and am just glad you guys read the site.

  7. Do you think $45-$55 is worth it for a cgc 9.8 of issue 100 chromium? That seems kind of cheap to me but maybe theres a lot of them out there.

      1. I think he’ll show up sometime in season 5 or 6. Maybe the beginning of 6. I’ve heard stuff like this before, they’ll say one thing, then surprise you with something different. It will probably be sooner rather than later if they’re already thinking about casting him.

    1. I’m not usually the type to overspend on CGC graded opinions but my opinion tells me, save your money and pick up one that’s raw for about $15 that’s likely 9.6-9.8 condition. If these ever jump in value or demand, then perhaps get it graded yourself to flip for profit. A quick scan seems to find plenty available in raw ungraded but NM+ condition.

  8. Whoa, Negan might be a little far down the road:
    I would keep your eyes peeled for good deals though, but there is no urgency to rush into buying tons of issues right now. I have a pretty complete run (expert for the really expensive ones). I personally think the previews SDCC b&w sketch cover would be a good one to spec on. I tried to get the escape variant when it came out, but missed out a few times and now they are pretty rare and expensive.

  9. Yeah, Negan won’t be in Season 5, there’s just too much other story to tell for now. If they’re only around the time of “Fear The Hunters”, that puts the show at around #60. We still have 40 something comics before Negan comes around. πŸ™‚
    And yes, don’t go buying up everything just yet. I already have a bunch of the 100s but recently focused on the 2nd print Negan variant (I think I’ve accumulated around 6-7 total so far) to potentially flip when the time is right.

      1. Also, if the show is based from the comic, then you really can’t have the show surpass the comic.. we don’t need the comic to portray the show at any time.. πŸ˜‰
        I like the twists on the show, it’s not exactly like the comic but that’s one of the reasons I watch the show. If they stuck exactly with the comic, I wouldn’t need to watch the show then..

        1. True. It is loosely based off the comic. Time frames do not work the same in the book as in the comic. One thing they have done is stretch out a series of events which took one issue over the course of a season but have also pushed up other things quicker than in the comic. Wait for the spin off too. Can’t wait to see if there is any connection with characters from the comic.

    1. I am a died in the wool Walking Dead collector and trying to get every cover. I have issue one but there are two different versions, a white text variant and a black text variant. Not going to be able to get the other version (I have white text version) but have been picking up the reprints cheap for an almost complete set. Never will fully complete it though.

      1. One day I’ll actually own a #1.. probably wait until after the show ends and the demand dies down some to buy it at a more reasonable price. I do have most if not all of the other key issues though, just need some of the earlier more common ones as well but those can wait as well.

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