Southern Bastards #1 Jason Aaron signing and Paul Pope Zero #1 signing

Gauging interest on Jason Aaron’s Southern Bastards #1 Store Variant signed by Jason Aaron and Paul Pope signed Death of Haggard West, Zero Phantom Variant, and FCBD Escapo.
I have a big signing this weekend. It will be a mad house this weekend as Jason Aaron of Scalped fame and Paul Pope of THB, Batman Year 100, roll into town. Jason Aaron will be signing copies of Southern Bastards and Paul Pope will be signing Zero #1 Phantom Variants and The Death of Hagard West (prelude to Battling Boy) as well as his FCBD book Escapo.
Normally I take pre-orders for signed books but since this one will be chaotic, I cannot promise a set number of copies. Please email me at First come first shipped. Quantities may be limited. The signing is this Saturday. Once confirmed payment will be due by Monday as books will ship out right afterwards.

15 thoughts on “Southern Bastards #1 Jason Aaron signing and Paul Pope Zero #1 signing”

  1. Early reviews for Southern Bastards has been great. Definitely picking up some copies tomorrow.

  2. Speaking of fcbd, are there any issues that you see heating up or that stand out over others?

    1. I kind of like Dc’s this year. Also, 12 Gauge Comics is doing one entitled Sherwood (or something similar) that has a Boondock Saints comic in there. I think the movie has enough of a fan base that it could be desired. The Mouse Guard Hard Cover book would be one to pick up to based on past performance.

  3. Southern Bastards is getting great reviews! Comic book roundup (aggregator) had it at 9.6 based on 8 reviews (nothing below 9 yet). Still just the 1st day, but that is certainly a great sign 😀

    1. Definitely. The art was done by a local Charlotte artist Jason Latour. I hope to get some copies signed and slabbed at heroes con this year. Super nice guy who comes to a lot of the Charlotte cons.

      1. Heh, my Google Nexus 7 is same way.. I pretty much use it just to read digital comics nowadays. 🙂

      2. I just avoid Wal-Mart every day. I think it’s been about 10 years since the last time I even stepped foot in one, don’t plan on ever going to one either.
        As for crowds, yeah, I don’t like people in crowds either.

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