Seth Gilliam from the wire joining 'Walking Dead' cast

Season 5 is getting new characters, time to put the spec in on it before prices rise.
Seth Gilliam from ‘The Wire’ will be joining the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ for Season 5. So looking at the book it is time to put in our best spec guesses. We are looking for an African American character who joins the cast of the book around the time of ‘The Hunters’ story line. Hunters runs from 62 on.
So who could it be?
Well, Walking Dead #61 introduces Gabriel Stokes, the preacher.
This isn’t a lock as he could be playing another character, or a character not from the comic, but the timing fits with Gabriel’s introduction.
Prices are already pricey on this book as it introduces ‘Chew’ but it is available on eBay and deals could be found. New characters from the book who appear on the show tend to see a price increase in the book in which they were introduced (just see what happened to Abraham’s first appearance.)

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