Image Comics Planetoid optioned for movie

Alright gentlemen, let the speculation begin. This one comes courtesy to us from Tim W. on the G+ comic book spec community. Planetoid, the Image comic, has been optioned for a movie by some pretty big names.

According to Tracking-Board Planetoid has been optioned by Revelations Entertainment which was started by Morgan Freeman. They are known for the Emmy-nominated series “Through the Wormhole,” in which Morgan Freeman narrates and are more knowns for films such as “Along Came a Spider,” “The Code,” “Invictus,” and “The Magic of Belle Isle.”
The article goes on to say:

Revelations Entertainment has just snatched the rights to the sci-fi comic book series PLANETOID. The series is based on a Han Solo- type character that crash lands in a strange planetary system and must lead an uprising amidst a futuristic population. Producers are currently meeting with writers to iron out an initial script as they move forward with a film that’s a little different from what the company is used to making.
It will be interesting to see what direction they take with the series, as its mix of aliens, cyborgs, robots, and space adventures leave the possibility for a hybrid of live-action/animation, or a solely animated feature altogether. Producer Tracy Mercer, the driving force behind the acquisition of the film rights and overseeing for Revelations, is a noted sci-fi fan herself, and probably has a good idea of how to blend the elements together effectively.
The project is currently independent, but Revelations has a studio deal with Warner brothers that has been renewed through December 2014, and there is little doubt a major studio’s backing will be needed to produce a film of this complexity and caliber. Stay glued to the Tracking Board for any updates on the film, and see how they plan to make this thrilling comic book series come to life.

Copies of Planetoid #1 can be found cheap on eBay. Starting at around .99 cents. There are also a few Planetoid #1 (2012)listed on Amazon starting at $5.00.

15 thoughts on “Image Comics Planetoid optioned for movie”

  1. re: those copies on Amazon…there is a reason Savannah Comics doesn’t list anything under condition. Buyer beware- there is a 2nd printing of this book. Also, I have ordered from them in the past-if the condition isn’t listed, well…go ahead and take a chance.

    1. My 8 year old isn’t super happy with Kirkman about Super Dinosaur as of lately.. making kids wait months between issues is just cruel and unusual punishment not only to kids but to us parents as well.

      1. Sort of I suppose. The kids usually opt to find something on Hulu or Netflix instead. Sometimes they’ll watch Nick or Cartoon Network but most Saturday cartoons are on cable channels, not like we use to watch back in the day.

  2. I also nabbed a 1, 2, 4 and 5 issue lot for $13, all appeared NM condition. I’m going to check local shops today or tomorrow, I’m sure I’ve seen them sitting collecting dust.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure I can pick up #3 for cheap locally, worse case, I read an interesting story. 🙂

  3. Hey guys…it’s been months…several..but I’m here. I kept up with Anthony from time to time, but it’s good to see the board trending. I caught this and snagged 5x #1s at cover. I’m hoping for the best. I’ve kept up with my collecting, but haven’t been selling. I hope all is well with everyone.

  4. Hey guys. Long time reader, first time commenter. Looks like still has Planetoid first print #1’s available at cover. They seem to be limiting to 5 copies. These probably won’t last long, so hurry up.

      1. @Anthony,
        I snagged 5x from midtown, which is now sold out…sorry people. I jumped on quick. With that said, more than half of these optioned books never materialize to anything, so it’s a low risk investment.

  5. I did grab this comic a year or so ago, I think it was spec’d on one of my earliest posts (can’t recall now), and then ‘poof’, it just disappeared. Interesting news indeed.

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