Miracleman ads running in theaters this weekend

Bleeding Cool ran an interesting piece this weekend. Marvel is running ads for the comic Miracleman in 365 theaters this weekend.
The article states that it runs 10 minutes before the trailers begin.
The odd thing is, why this book?
Miracleman was originally released in the US by Eclipse Comics. The Miracleman series from Eclipse, for the most part, can be found cheap on eBay (except for the later issues). Marvel started reprinting them a few months ago, and will be continuing the series after the original issues have been reprinted. Copies of the early Marvel Reprint issues can be found cheap as well, issues #1, #2, and #3 can all be picked up for $2 on tfaw. Not bad for a $4.99 cover price.
Again, why this book?
The end of the article states, “And it will, no doubt, foster rumours that we may be looking at a Miracleman film sooner rather than later.” Interesting, very interesting.

4 thoughts on “Miracleman ads running in theaters this weekend”

  1. I tried to give Miracleman a go but I just couldn’t get into it. Honestly, I feel if they tried to make a movie, it’d be a bust but that’s just my opinion.

  2. I know little about Miracle Man, but what I do know isn’t very interesting. There are far better books to go the movie route with.

    1. I think it is one of Alan Moore’s better works and a prime example of a deconstructionist super hero story. It really pushed the envelope for its time. The pacing is very slow as it was serialized in a different format than the monthly comic format.
      Also was contacted by a retailer who said “something IS up” and “do not be surprised to hear something soon” not sure how much of “in the know” he was but…….

      1. Miracle Man is in the top three of Moore’s greatest works. Issue 13 on up are comics people should not miss and now they’re affordable.

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