CHU reader eBay auctions

I started a little something last November, asking readers to add CHU Black Friday to their eBay titles to have them pop up on the side bar. I am kind of limited to what shows up, it is random. Anyway, talking to Terry Hoknes today and decided to offer up a section for reader eBay auctions. 

So here is what you do to get your auction site listed on Comics Heating Up. Send me a link to a current auction at eBay user names will be listed by feedback rating and then alphabetically. So mine would be:
 Apopcomics 100%

So, all you have to do to get your eBay user name linked to CHU is email ( me a current auction you have running, I will take it from there, and feel free to post what you have for sale down in the comment section. We currently get between 70,000-100,000 page views a month.

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