Katana to appear on Arrow

Been off for the holiday, happy belated Independence day to all in the US, happy belated Canada day as well to my friends up north. Trying to catch up on some of the stuff that slipped through the cracks.
Devon Aoki, from Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious, will be joining the cast of Arrow as Katana. Katana will be one of Ollie’s mentors in flashback sequences.
Katana first appeared in Brave And The Bold #200. Copies can be found in and around $20, check your local shops back issue bins though.
She can also be seen in Batman and the Outsiders #11, as well as Batman and the Outsiders #12, with another key cover appearance (both cheap on eBay).
Thanks to Topher S at http://topherseal.wordpress.com/ for additional appearance info.

10 thoughts on “Katana to appear on Arrow”

  1. Few days late in this one! I got a copy for 4.99 and another for 3 and change on July 2 when the announcement was made. Obviously all who heard it jacked up their prices on Thursday.

  2. Everyone needs a break.
    Off topic but where do you and others see the new Remender project Low in terms of spec?

    1. I think Low is going to be a big one. People are digging on both Black Science and Deadly Class. There is Buzz on the series already, so the under current is there. People have already started talking about the previews appearing in other books, which is always a good sign.

    2. I love Black Science. Anticipating Low as well. I tried to get into Deadly Class but it just didn’t do it for me.

      1. I am totally from the generation and time period Deadly Class was geared towards, both as a story and an intended audience. While some of it is extreme, I totally see some of my childhood in the characters from the 80’s as shown in the book. Minus the acid and reoccurring neon clown.

    3. I’ll be with you girl
      Like being low
      hey hey hey like being stone.
      I’ll be with you girl
      Like being low
      hey hey hey like being stone.

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