The Rock to Play Shazam?

Total Film floated this video a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it (it has resurfaced during comic-con), it is worth a look. Especially the last 45 seconds.
Dwayne Johnson drops a cryptic clue as who he could be playing in a DC movie in he last seconds of the interview. With that, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford Captain Marvel’s first Appearance, as a 9.0 copy sold for $281,000 dollars in 2012. But you could afford his first appearance in the DC universe. That happens in Shazam #1 (1973).

8 thoughts on “The Rock to Play Shazam?”

  1. UGH! It’s either Shazam (Most Likely) or Black Adam. Either way Shazam #1 isn’t a bad bet… I’ve been spending wayyy too much on comics lately, but what the heck? (Worst case scenario Shazam #1 is still a key with some value to it)

  2. UGH! It is either Shazam or Black Adam, but It wouldn’t make sense to introduce Black Adam without Shazam. Plus Shazam (Captain Marvel) is a kid in his secret identity, which would be relatable for kids, hence a sure fire bet for a movie.

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