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She just doesn’t go away, so it may be time to revisit spec-ing on Angela.
This lovely lady, formerly of the Spawn and the Image universe, is popping up everywhere right now, which is not so strange as she hopped universes.
Her first appearance is in Spawn #9 (1993). This is a $10 comic NM/M. You can find it for cheaper then that, around the 3-5 buck range. Check your LCS, if they have any 90’s stuff Angela should be there (if it hasn’t already been picked.) She then popped up in a series of one shots and mini-series including the titular Angela Mini-Series from Image.

Her first appearance in Marvel Universe is in Age of Ultron #10 (2013), which you should be able to find at cover price or cheaper. She then started hanging with Guardians of The Galaxy, starting in Guardians of the Galaxy #5, Marvel Now ongoing series. It was then revealed that Angela or..Aldrif is also Thor’s sister. If she isn’t in the new Thor comic, I will be very surprised.

At SDCC it was revealed that Angela would be getting her own series.
There were rumors of her being in a movie, with how hard they are pushing this character it still might end up being true. Its worth it to snag a few copies of her first appearances in my opinion. I personally think they will introduce her later. Maybe around I don’t know….AGE OF ULTRON. TOWARDS THE END OF THE MOVIE? Who knows. What I do know is that this character has still has potential.

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