Larry's Comics Pick of the week for delivery 8/6/14

We always appreciate when Larry, from stops by and drops some speculator knowledge on us. He has been at the comic game for a while and has an awesome track record of picking winners. Here is Larry’s pick of the week for delivery 8/6/14
My pick speculator-y of the week:
Spread #1 2ND PTG (MR)
“Stunning Star Wars figure parody”
This is one of those covers that just puts a smile on peoples face.
High concept & impeccably executed.
(Writer) Justin Jordan (A/CA) Kyle Strahm
Ten years ago, we dug too deep. We unleashed something ancient that couldn’t be controlled. Something that couldn’t be stopped, twisting everything it touched into more of itself.
The Spread.
Humanity was nearly destroyed before we found a way to slow the Spread to a crawl. Now, deep inside the quarantined zone, one man has found the key to stopping it forever: a baby girl. And if he can save her, he might save the world.
Only 5k were printed vs 24k 1st printings.
It’s SOLD OUT at Diamond.
“lock” your copies now. This is an easy twenty dollar bill.
If the collecting public decides that a later printing is more desirable than it’s first printing counterpart, they often sell for more.
See for yourself. Search completed Ebay auctions for: Batman #612 2nd print, Sex Criminals #1 4th print, Mos #18 5th print, Mos #18 5th print, Harley Quinn 1 2nd & 3rd prints, Invincible Iron Man 10 2nd print, Hulk #377 4th print.
This book will be the same. It’s just too damn cool.
( Thanks to my pals on CBSI helping me with research.)

42 thoughts on “Larry's Comics Pick of the week for delivery 8/6/14”

      1. I might be interested if I’m too late in nabbing some from LCS and they sell out quickly (which I’m anticipating).

  1. Heads up:
    Spread #2 is the 1st Image God Hates Astronauts.
    Unlike traditional preview material, I think this is original material.

  2. Can’t wait to see this cover in person, because everytime im looking at the JPG my brain is telling me its a 3d toy.

  3. I like Larry’s picks because he thinks outside the box. Biggest gainers tend to be unexpected hits. Not books that everyone stockpiles.

      1. Oh I know, but if you’ve been around comics a while and been following sites like this one, this pick of the week has been hyped up for a few weeks now, it really is a no brainer pick of the week. 🙂

      2. Oh I know, but if you’ve been around comics a while and been following sites like this one, this one has been hyped up for a few weeks now, it really is a no brainer pick of the week. 🙂

  4. Sorry guys, I know this isn’t exactly the perfect place to post this, but since we don’t have an open forum or anything, I suppose this is as a good place as any….
    What are your thoughts on In the House of the Worm? I haven’t really heard anyone talking about it, and yet the prices on it seem to be doing at least relatively well in the secondary market (so far). I was able to score 3 of the 4 covers last week, so I’m wondering if I should seek out the 4th cover now while it’s still pretty inexpensive, or if I should dump these and get a quick profit.

    1. BIG
      Hate it or like it this will make the perfect new series ongoing cartoon. Which will take us to the moon.

      1. I’ll stop the promo after issue 4 next month. I know its not so random choice from a random nickname.
        Issue #1 variant connecting cover sold out at tfaw side recently and my research indicates its only a 500 copy print run for each side, DCBS still has issues but its meaningless if you can’t have both connecting . Currently they sell for a nice premium when sold together, but don’t show up often.
        I expect the issue #1-4 1:10 variant connecting covers will also do well in the future after next months #4 releases. My estimate no more than 2,000 issues of #1. These individually are selling between 8-15$ and who knows what a complete set will fetch.

  5. High grade copies of this 2nd print Spread could be super tough and key. Let alone finding a copy in the wild with a print run of only 5,000. I was lucky enough to get some preordered online so I’m hoping they’re in nice shape.

    1. If they are printed like the first print I expect them to be. I am literally happy with every issue I bought of spread first print. I see no reason second print would be different.
      I wish Image would have moved some of their other big name books up to better quality paper which spread has shown to have over something like outcast / manifest destiny.

  6. My LCS had about 6 in stock, all looked to be in good condition. Spread #1 had great copies seemed like..Until you looked close and saw it…That little blue bleed spot. I might send a few 2nd printings off to be CGC’d ,this cover is too cool to not have one slabbed and framed. Hope I find a few in the wild today. Happy Hunting everyone.

      1. Yeah, all my LCS open up at 9am on Wednesdays as well. I usually make my comic stops on the way into work. Today I’m stuck waiting on plumber to fix my shower cartridge I couldn’t get out (old and corrosive, he’s having hard time too so I don’t feel bad for giving up so easily). 🙂

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