Comics Picks of the Week for 8/6/14

Each week, hundreds of new books are released, all with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best chances of heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 8/6/24:
The undisputed king of the week:
Spread #1 2ND PTG (MR)– We tried to tell you to get copies early. Larry had it as his pick of the week. It is already selling for $10 on eBay. The print run is tiny, around 4,000 copies. Yeah, this smells of a winner.
Also Spread #2 – Second issue of the series comes out this week. There is almost always a second issue drop. The first issue had a print run of 24,000 issues, so figure this one will have between 15-16,000 issue print run (guess-timated)
The no brainer:
Enormous #2– Yeah, I couldn’t pass this up. Great read. Issue 1 sold out quickly. Issue 2 sold out through Diamond before release. Online stores are sold out or running low on copies. Grab, hold, wait for a movie announcement. Or go for the quick flip. I am holding a few copies of each issue.
The “oh crap it’s Alan Moore” one-
God Is Dead Book of Acts Alpha– Alan Moore is a genius or a mad man, depending on how you see him, but still has his following. This week, he create his own god.
The Small Press gem:
Terminal Hero #1– Speaking of cult following, Peter Millian has it. His new book from Dynamite looks like it is worth picking up.
The outside chance:
Nightworld #1– Any book that promises humor, horror, tragic romance, and blockbuster monster fight, has me interested. The art looks like it is channeling Jack Kirby, also a plus. Sure it is a mini-series, but I like weird.
The oddball new Image #1:
Imperial #1– New comedy series from Image. Being touted as a buddy series “with commitment issues.”

94 thoughts on “Comics Picks of the Week for 8/6/14”

  1. An out of the park home run Anthony! I can’t help but feel Spread continuing to grow, as well as Enormous of course. I’m really looking forward to read Imperial as well, looks to be a very fun read.

    1. Speaking of enormous. Enormous #1a available for backorder at tfaw right now. I put in an order for a few, not sure it will go through or where these copies are coming from however. Worst they can say is No though.

      1. Well i got sent a no, and within a short time the site put up a #1 second print. So if they can order it im sure its second print. So make sure to ask that if it is something you care about like me.

      1. Yeah, I don’t mind if it becomes a comic with a cult following either. If it continues to be a good read, it’ll only gain more followers and readers, only making my #1 copies I’m hoarding that much more valuable.. 😉

      2. I wish. I didn’t jump back on the comic collecting bandwagon until two years ago. It was watching the Walking Dead that made me go back to a comic store to pick up the TPB to read. I was telling the girl it’d been about 15-20 years since the last time I stepped back in a comic store.. as I was paying and then leaving, she smiled at me and said.. “Welcome Back!” Boy was she right.. 🙂

      3. Two shops still had a few regular copies left over, I can nab you one Anthony if you want. Well, I’ll know if they weren’t snagged here real soon when I head out to the LCS today.

      4. damn Drew, your story sounds so similar to mine. I volunteered at Denver Comic Con 3 years ago and several of the guests were from the Walking Dead. I was probably one of the only people that hadn’t heard of it, hadn’t touched a comic book in 15 – 20 years. I ordered the compendium off Amazon and it was hook, line and sinker. Next thing you know I have a mile long pull list at a coffee/gaming shop that sells comics, I find CHU, Google +, now I’m flipping comics too. Crazy how fast everything snowballed for me.

      5. Anthony. I wish I knew you were looking for a Spread #1 regular cover last weekend. I ran into a shop in a small town and they still had a few of them on the rack. Its quite a drive though…

      6. Yeah, I didn’t start watching the Walking Dead until after season two ended (I don’t watch much TV but it was on my watch list) but once I started watching, got hooked, then decided to get the comics so I know the difference between book and show. Next thing you know I got Avengers and other comics on my pull lists.
        I’ll let you know Anthony, I they still have them in decent shape, I’ll nab more Spread #1 regular covers. 🙂

      7. this comic book “hobby” is a sickness! I buy books, to flip books, to buy more books….and yes, you were my gateway to flipping.

      8. The local shop I did go to today that was suppose to have Spread #1 2nd prints didn’t have them. They had a few beat up first prints though so I passed. So I drove down to the other shop that’s a little out of the way and they had a stack of #1 1st prints along with about 5 2nd prints. I nabbed two of each. Send me your address Anthony, I’ll send ya a fresh copy if ya like. 🙂

      9. Oh and like Shima, if I didn’t find this site, I probably wouldn’t buy half the books I buy now either. The comic publishers should thank you for boosting their sales tremendously and my LCS should send you free comics as well… for making them even more money each week. 😉

    1. Maybe that was image limits, Maybe it will go to a third print.
      5k is not an extra small number and bigger than some other indie first print numbers.

      1. It may be a book hard to locate in 9.8 quality. Just hit largest shop and Houston and only pulled 2 out of 30 Spread second prints.

    1. I saw that and may order one. Midtown is killing me as I keep ordering small orders from them. They do also have copies of the Image Expo 2014 book with the preview of Wytches for free. I ordered second print copies of Spread #1 so I could get it.

    1. I have a few of the ones from earlier in the year with preview of outcast-low and few others. No major price increase but they do sell for 10$+.

        1. Yup, so anyone in the Austin area, Capstone, Dragons Lair and Austin Books do not have Enormous #2, sorry. 😉

            1. Haha, I guess so. There’s a few other shops (I actually have never been to any of the others) but they’re way south and or way north for me.

                1. Not sure, you referring to Friendswood south of Houston? I bet Houston has a ton of comic shops but that’s a bit out of my way.. 🙂

                2. Oh and Texas is huge, I would not be surprised if there was a Friendswood around the Austin area as well.. I can start driving west where I’m at and still would be in Texas at the end of the day (midnight). 🙂

  2. Missed the opening this morning at my LCS because a meeting ran over. Spread 2nd printing sold out before I got there. What really puts the icing on the cake is that the meeting was to announce we weren’t getting bonuses this year.

  3. Good thing I went early. I had preordered 3 2nd printings from my fav LCS and they were mistakenly shelved. After I got my 3, he only had two left. Interestingly, he probably still had 15 to 20 Outcast 2 on the shelves…
    The other LCS that I browse, had their 2nd prints marked up to 8 bucks and Enormous 2 for 10 bucks… That’s why I almost always just browse.

      1. I know a shop that does that. I used to hate when they were the *only* comic shop in the area. Glad that isn’t true anymore. 🙂

    1. All the shops I visited had stacks and stacks of Outcast #2. It’s going to be very easy to find for quite some time.

        1. Maybe or a lot of people didn’t feel like picking up #2. I admit, I found it interesting enough to pick up #2. I still need to read it though. I’m actually behind on my readings, still have about 10 from last week I haven’t read yet, been super busy with life.. life getting in the way of my comics… 😉

  4. That’s a bargain compared to the bay, Enormous 2 is a seriously hard to find book. I don’t see many collectors letting it leave their fingers once they get it either.

        1. Ok here is what I have heard. It is going back for the second half of the first print. it will be identical to the first batch. So no to a second print, from what i am hearing, even though it is a separate batch of comics printed at a different time.

    1. I think CGC allows very small non color breaking to still make a 9.8. Pictures would clarify if it knocks it down a few points or not.

    1. You could always list at ungraded as “new and unread” but make sure to show pictures of the flaws. I try to stay away from saying NM in any auction. You get people who will claim your NM is fine or something crazy. It is very rare I ever list something as NM

      1. Yeah, same here. I’ll even point out the flaws specifically (with pictures), claim I’m not a professional grader and bought them bagged and boarded (which most of the time they already are). I usually use the New and Unread tags as well. As long as I try to point out every flaw and I take pictures before sending them out, I can cover my own butt if they try to claim other damage, etc.

    1. If you want to make quick profit, flip now. If you want to gamble a little, hold onto it a little longer and see if it ends up with a bigger media deal (since it’s already got a web series).

      1. Any guesses on what the print run is for Enormous 2? If Enormous 1 was about 4K (including all 4 variants) and this time there are no variants and the traditional 2nd issue print run drop….. maybe 2K? Seeing how hard to find this is compared to Enormous 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even lower.

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