From Option to Screen – The Books We’d Love To See Adapted Part II

Every week, hundreds of new comic books hit the local shelves. Many of these are long ongoing titles while others come and go quickly, being mini-series or one shots.

Last fall we visited a bunch of the books and titles that had options or media deals that have not gone beyond the option or if they did, they’re still in the wee early stages of ever getting turned into a show.

This is where we dive into the books that either haven’t been optioned or if they did, it’s long expired that we would all love to see and welcome being adapted into a television show or movie. Welcome to Part II of Books We’d Love to see Adapted.

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Spread Convention Exclusives Available from Kyle Strahm

I showed off some of the rare Spread variants in the Spread Cover Gallery for no other reason than I love this book. Kyle Strahm has made available several of the exclusives, invluding the convention only “Fat Jack” action figure variant. Check them out. Continue reading “Spread Convention Exclusives Available from Kyle Strahm”

Variant Envy: Spread #13 Action Figure Variant

If you are going to C2E2 or ECCC (and please let me know if you are) you will want to stop by and see Kyle Strahm and Justin Jordan to get a hold of this sweet variant for Spread #13. 
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The Spread Cover Gallery

I have mentioned The Spread and how much I love this book. I mentioned my collection numerous times and people have asked to see it so I have decided to run a cover gallery of the entire series up until this point. All books minus one is from my collection. I will update with print runs.  Continue reading “The Spread Cover Gallery”

Spread Fans: Kyle Strahm Selling Rare Signed and Graded Books

Kyle Strahm has been a friend of the site well before the first issue of Spread came out. Around NYCC 2013. The site has been a fan of Kyle’s since we first saw the convention teaser way back when. It is always good to hear from him, as busy as he is, and love when he occasionally throws books up for sale. He has two pretty rare signed and graded books up. Continue reading “Spread Fans: Kyle Strahm Selling Rare Signed and Graded Books”

Variant Envy: Spread NYCC Variant

Kyle Strahm and Justin Jordan have been very good to me. They let me have first crack at showcasing the NYCC Spread #1 variant from last year. Well, they are doing it again. So they are giving the sneak peek to us first. Here is the NYCC Spread Variant preview for this year:
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Spread Convention Art Book Sells for $1000

spread art book

Kyle Strahm and Justin Jordan’s Spread has been one of my favorite series for a while. The only issue in the series I don’t have is the black and white Convention Art Book. Looks like I will be holding off on getting a copy as a Buy It Now on eBay for a graded copy of the Art Book sold for $1,000.

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One to watch: Spread Cover Album

I think i have made it well known that I am a big fan of The Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm. The story and art have hooked me from the beginning and I have talked about the “Lone Wolf and Cub meets The Thing” (sorry, elevator pitch) book since before it began. They also have been pretty innovative with the book. They released the Spread Convention Teaser, both Blue and Yellow versions at NYCC a few years back to drum up interest, they are rare and valuable (glad I have both of them), as well as the black and white art book (these almost never come up for sale). They even started the whole Action Figure Variant craze (I know the SCUD issue was the first but the Spread ones made it popular) with their Spread Action Figure Variants. Anyway, and I digress, they releases a rare book this year which is bringing in good money. One is up for sale at a very reasonable price. Continue reading “One to watch: Spread Cover Album”

Spread #6 C2E2 variant


if you are going to be at C2E2 this weekend make sure to this weekend make sure to stop by and see Kyle Strahm at table G14. He is going to be selling copies of the exclusive Spread #6 C2E2 variant. 

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Auction Watch: Super rare retailer Spread Cover Album hits eBay

I love Spread, going back to the NYCC promo that came out two years ago. (I have a CBCS Graded double signed Blue, and a double signed yellow ungraded.) I have gotten every cover that has come out, and I am not usually a completist. I know there are a few others on here that feel the same way. That is why I flipped when I saw Kyle Strahm (artist on Spread) had posted a super rare Cover Album on eBay. Continue reading “Auction Watch: Super rare retailer Spread Cover Album hits eBay”

Trade Waiting: Spread

Here is another chance to read on of the favorite series on, Spread. Spread is the story of No and Hope in a post apocalyptic waste land where a “The Thing” like creature inhabits people, animals, the land, and what ever, and they are not even the most dangerous things out there. Continue reading “Trade Waiting: Spread”

One to Watch: Complete Set of Spread Convention Teasers up for sale

Here is an eBay auction for you comic book fans. Kyle Strahm (artist for Spread) brought this one to my attention. Up for grabs on eBay is a Spread Convention Teaser set.
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Spread Black and White Convention Art book up for auction

I love rare comics, I also love the spread. I have been lucky enough to get copies of two of the rarest editions of the Spread comic. Continue reading “Spread Black and White Convention Art book up for auction”

Recent hot comic print runs

I love when the new comic print run numbers come out. Especially when they come in lower than expected. Sure, there are books coming in with huge print runs (relatively speaking compared to years ago) but the good ones seem to have small print runs. Continue reading “Recent hot comic print runs”

Spread #1 2nd printing sold out Spread #2 sold out

It comes as no surprise, especially to people who were not able to grab a copy, but the uber cool Spread #1 2nd printing has sold through it’s roughly 4,000 copies. Continue reading “Spread #1 2nd printing sold out Spread #2 sold out”

Comics Picks of the Week for 8/6/14

Each week, hundreds of new books are released, all with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best chances of heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 8/6/24: Continue reading “Comics Picks of the Week for 8/6/14”

Spread #1 print run

Being in the right place at the right time has it’s advantages. That’s all I will say. I have been hinting at the print run numbers for Spread #1 for a couple of weeks now and promised not to say anything until closer to the Diamond sales reports coming out. Continue reading “Spread #1 print run”

Spread Signing with Kyle Strahm and Justin Jordin

I usually come on here right after a signing and say thanks to everyone who supported the site by ordering a signed comic. So thank you to everyone who ordered a copy (or three) of the Spread #1 Third Eye Variant, Phantom Variant, or Regular cover. Continue reading “Spread Signing with Kyle Strahm and Justin Jordin”

Spread Convention Teaser Yellow Variant.

People have been trying to get a hold of the Spread Convention teaser since before the book came out. It was limited to a total of 250 copies with 50 of them being the yellow variant. People have been emailing me asking me to keep an eye out on one. Well, gentlemen start your engines Continue reading “Spread Convention Teaser Yellow Variant.”

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