Larry's Comics pick of the week for delivery 8/13/14

As always, Thanks to Larry Doherty at for dropping by and dropping his spec tips.
This homage to Kevin Keller #14 is ALLREADY sold out.
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It’s a great pick up.
This “IS” the book of the week:
(Wr) Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn (A) John Lucas (CA) Mike Del Mundo
• Deadpool’s.
• Daughter.
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Blue chip character plus 1st appearance equals straight money. Period.
The cover is “high concept” & incredibly striking.
Marvel KEY issues are the best selling modern wall books.
This book will sell out & be sought after for decades.
Ever since he burst on the scene in Rob Liefeld’s New Mutant’s #98, Deadpool is arguably Marvel’s, tmost popular character. (They are the number one comic publisher in the world)
He appeals to a younger crowd with his over the top humor & video game ultra violence & is their generations Wolverine.
Marvel is now adding a new female dimension to the back story in the midst of the current fan-girl revolution.
Even though she appeared briefly in #32, I have a feeling #33 will be considered the first full appearance
You. Want. This.

23 thoughts on “Larry's Comics pick of the week for delivery 8/13/14”

  1. Great cover, too bad the variant sucks (AoS). I have had no luck quick flipping Marvels, but I may get a couple to sit on.

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot of people push Kevin Keller by saying he’s the first gay character or the first gay superhero. Don’t believe the hype. If you want to spec based on sexual orientation, Northstar comes out after adopting an infant with AIDS in Alpha Flight 106 from 1992, over 2 decades ago. I’ve never been able to make money off Archie comics, so I’ll be staying away anyway.

  3. Who said ANYTHING about speculating because he’s a gay character?!
    I’m buying twenty five because it’s a killer homage cover.
    It will be a ten dollar bill by the weekend.

    1. Do you think there is a low print run on Kevin Keller #14 ? Hard to tell……..What about Deadpool # 33? Probably a huge print run?

  4. The solicitation may be misleading. His daughter, Ellie, makes a cameo appearance, with her back turned, in Deadpool #30. #31 has Ellie’s first “full” appearance.

  5. According to Wika, Deadpool’s daughter (Ellie) debut was in Deadpool #19. Is she the next Spidergirl ($25) or Lady Deadpool ($4)?

  6. To throw another opinion out there, I just talked to one of my buds that always seems to nab what becomes considered first appearances. In his opinion Deadpool 19, 24, 29 & 30 should be considered flashbacks or cameos and that 31 should be considered Ellie’s first appearance.

  7. I don’t know. I’ve never understood the “First appearance” requirements which seem to constantly change. In the DC and Marvel universes, I have friends that are much more knowledgeable about those companies that I usually defer to. In the end, your just trying to predict what the future market will say is the most desirable of the early appearances.

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