Larry's Comics Pick of the week for delivery 8/20/14

Each week, Larry, from drops by to give his pick of the week. Here is this weeks for delivery 8/20/14:

This week’s is flat out one of the hottest books on the market:
Enormous #3
Written by Tim Daniel. Art and Cover by Mehdi Cheggour. Military chaos. Governmental breakdown. Societal collapse. The natural order of life has been turned upside down as still even more of ‘The Enormous’ rise up to claim the top spot on the food chain. James Coyle takes extreme measures, but for Ellen Grace, it’s already too late. Cover price $3.99.
-Sold out in advance
-Tiny print runs
-High demand
-Seriously hot series
Find it.

19 thoughts on “Larry's Comics Pick of the week for delivery 8/20/14”

  1. Another SLAM DUNK by Larry. Enormous is defeating the odds. It’s not very common a third issue is the top pick. Very well deserved, it’s my most anticipated book to read each month already.

  2. I’m looking forward to picking up Delinquents by Valiant. Looks like a fun read and It has some cool covers. I hope it does push past a mini series. Also being a huge Peter Panzerfaust fan will be grabbing the Tyler Jenkins cover. I really like the Fade Out mag cover as well. Not saying these are flips, just a few I’m going to be picking up.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame people don’t really spec based on good writing and art. Valiant puts out some of the best stuff in the biz, IMHO. Rai has been great so far, but already taking some time off after issue 4. Not a good way to build a fan base.

  3. Fast forward to next week…Wayward #1 Phantom variant. As well as can’t help myself but need to snag a Spawn #246 cover B by McFarlane for my Spawn run.

      1. I had confused the phantom and third eye variant. . So if im correct now the third eye is done by Chip Zdarsky. quote from interweb
        “Chip is best known for his best-selling Image comic Sex Criminals, but not a lot of people know how fantastic a graphic designer he is. I love the spy novel-esque feel of this one. This store-specific variant cover was done up to tie-in with a special signing event Chip and I are doing at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland. The gang at Third Eye have been unflagging supporters of Skullkickers and I’m thrilled that they’re just as enthusiastic about Wayward.”
        Unfortunately, Wayward is going to have ten different covers. Because of this I’m only going after A&B while keeping an eye out for third eye. The rest is overkill and none too spectacular that would skyrocket over the others.
        I love anything with a Japanese aspect. But i’m not chasing all those covers, especially when B is a crazy psychedelic cover that i feel none are better. Looking to the future #3B looks amazing as well.

  4. I wish everyone good luck on finding this issue though. I’ll be hitting up one of the stores that’s out of my way that should have this one since I missed pre-ordering it online. I still only got 1 of the copies for #2, which bugs me since I’m a completist when it comes to collecting for the most part.

  5. I’m partial to the Phantom variant that I designed with Jim Zub.
    It also comes in a black & white version that is limited to 500.
    ( same print run as RRP’s )
    I completely expect this on to leave the others in the dust, price wise.
    Time will tell…

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