Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/20/14

Each week, hundreds of new comics are released, each with potential. Some live up to the potential. We pick the ones we think have he best chance for heating up. Here are our picks of he week for delivery 8/20/14:

Sorry about the lack of posts last week, we were away on vacation and the wireless hotspot died halfway through the week. We are back in full force this week for a great week of comics.
The one you must buy:
Enormous #3– Not much to say with this one. Buy it. Great series, great read, but also mega selling comic event. The back issues have had tiny print runs and sell for multiple times the cover price on the day of release. Get a couple of them if you can, sell some, hold some. Both ways equal money.
The new big thing:
Fade Out #1 Movie Magazine Variant– Not only is this going to be a big new release as it is done by Brubaker and Phillips, but this version will be an oversized Movie Magazine format that will be passed over for it’s larger size, bigger price. This is the version to get as it will most likely be ordered in a smaller ratio than the standard comic book version.
The return of a classic:
Little Nemo Return to Slumberland– This is an all new series that features the classic Little Nemo characters. The book is already sold out in advanced. Second Print already scheduled for 9/10/14. Tons of potential on this one.
The media tie in:
Strain Night Eternal #1– The Strain show has become a force to recon with. While it slowly eased into the story line and people who were not in the know didn’t know they were watching the best vampire show ever, it has hit it’s stride. Think of this as Season 3 #1.
That is it for us this week. Let us know what you are spec-ing on.

42 thoughts on “Comics Picks of the Week for delivery 8/20/14”

  1. Enormous is the flipper dream to flip. The Strain Night Eternal is the long term bet if the show stays popular. Besides those two, I’m anticipating Brubaker and Phillips Fade Out as Fatale came to a conclusion which kept me entertained once a month for the past couple years.

  2. Justice Inc because people don’t care about justice…. I have a pen + I have a phone = welcome to north korea

  3. Fade Out is getting killer reviews. I expect this book to do very well, and will pick up multiple copies today.

  4. Got the last Nemo. Looks great. My LCS was shorted on the magazine Fade Out. They didn’t receive any even though they were billed.

    1. One shop had about 3 left of the Fade Out Magazine format, I grabbed one. I grabbed 3 Enormous #3 there as well, they only had about 8 total. Only had about 5 The Strain, didn’t order a bunch, even the guy was baffled as to why since the show is doing good.
      The other shop had one Enormous #3, I grabbed it but they were selling their magazine Fade Out for $9.99 so I passed on it there. They were out of The Strain, said they didn’t order that many.

        1. Austin. They’re on top but they don’t have much. I also got to one shop right at 9am, the other one at 9:20ish, so beating most crowds as a lot go during lunch breaks.

  5. See, Austin is so much cooler than Houston/Spring! Love hitting up Austin Books and Comics to check out the statues when I’m in town.

  6. Got 5 copies of Enormous 3 but all Cover A. Couldn’t find any cover Bs. Got the Fade Out mag even tho I have no way to protect it. Other news, Midtown put up Wool 2 (I ordered 5) and sold out of the rest almost immediately. Start securing your copies now…

    1. Cover A was easily available, I nabbed the only Cover B (3 total) I could, opted to only get one Cover A. šŸ™‚

    1. Yes and no. Yes because it is a great series with lots of potential. No because there will be bigger print runs starting with issue 4. They won’t be huge print runs but bigger than the trickle of books coming out now.

  7. I have already placed Enormous on my pull list at my LCS on top of purchasing any available through the online retailers. The numbers are going to dramatically increase for the print run from issue 4 and up. Yet I’m a strong believer this is not a book to be quick flipped. This is a book that Hollywood cannot ignore, especially knowing how active the team is to make that come into fruition. Any media announcement aside, it’s super hot because it truly is that good!

    1. I don’t know. It’s a great premise but the budget would be huge on a movie like this. It’s also an unproven comic with an unproven writer

      1. Yes, Godzilla was done correctly on on a 160 million dollar budget, and Pacific Rim did well on a 190 million dollar budget. However, Godzilla had the name Godzilla attached to it, and Pacific Rim had the name Guillermo del Toro attached to it. Enormous can be done correctly, but as I mentioned, I do not see a movie studio risking that kind of money on a franchise that is not well established unless some sort of big name director/producer would be attached to it.

        1. Its tough to say, because most Kaiju movies in America have big names attached. Even Cloverfields (I love Kaiju movies by the way.) The Korean film, The Host, did well in the US, considering there were no big name American actors, directors, or producers attached, but unsure how well known they were in Korea.

  8. I’m sure most of it would be done on a computer to capture the effects. Even though I’d happily throw on a monster comps time and crash into scaled down buildings lol. I dig everything Tim has written. I really liked PopGun and it is a true compliment to be selected to write books such as the Powers Encyclopedia and The Walking Dead Survivors’ Guide.

  9. I’m going all-out on Fade Out šŸ˜› Don’t really mind picking more than the usual spec quantities for this book since I’m a big fan of Ed’s work.

  10. What bugs me is there are people like me who always preorders thru previews but as I took a year off I didn’t have that opportunity. Maybe some of you people hoarding these books and buying up basically all the copies for flipping. Nothing wrong with that but if you can’t plan out what books you want two months down the line stop buying up all the copies in store. You’re all so savy prove it. Nothing like going into a shop for a specific book and the jackass in front of you just scooped up all the copies.

  11. Corona – this is an interesting point. Some people just like the last minute hunt to see what they can find without investing any money. The more serious speculators I think plan in advance and order before release to guarantee they get copies. If you are smart enough to predict the future winners it seems only logical to order the books in advance. I even offer 20% off cover price for pre-orders on these small print hot books and yet most speculators dont want to bother – they just wait and then are upset when they can’t find the books on the shelves.

    1. Exactly and having just got back into actively collecting, reading & flipping I’m stuck paying multiple times cover because people are greedy. I blame the store owners as well. I can tell you my local shops will not let someone come in and buy every last copy of new release books. It’s a fine way to lose customers when they let one person come in & scoop up all the copies of hot books. Hey 2-3 copies are fine but remember there are other people out there who want those books too. I do my preorders thru midtown up to 50% off preorders with the bulk being 35% off. Much easier to make a profit when your getting the books at such a low price. I’d just like these greedy people snatching up every single copy to think about preordering there books and to stop buying all copies of certain books leaving nothing for everyone else.

      1. And hunting is fun but how much of a challenge is it to go into your LCS’s new releases and snatch every copy of enormous? I ended up having to pay $27 for the image treasury edition, $20 for #2 & I lucked out and was able to order #1 thru midtown for less than cover and preordered all the rest. Normally I like to buy from 2-3 copies of the books and save one and flip the others at some point down the road. I couldn’t do that this time around. Almost a month ago I was going to buy multiples off eBay of enormous #1 for cover price but then read the first app was in the image treasury edition so I passed on it. Stupid me.

        1. I picked up enormous treasury for cover. They have two more copies I would be glad to pass along. Needless to say I do know a new online retailer that will be selling new release comics on the day of release as opposed to a preorder system. I will update when it is up and running but will change the way comics are bought online. Sure there are shops that sell online the day the books are released but preorders can wipe out stock even before the day of release.

      2. I understand your frustration. I do not encourage shelf clearing. The problem is when multiple people know about books and are all grabbing their 2-3 copies. I go to stores that limit purchases (was limited to 4 copies of Enormous #3 yesterday) and have no problem with it. I also go to multiple stores because I have the ability to. I snatch up back issues from one place like crazy because people do not go through them. He has told me in the past to buy as many copies as I like as he just wants to move them. He gets hundreds of new books in a week and only sells a few back issues.

      3. I usually never buy more than two copies and if it has multiple covers, I only grab one of each in that case (most stores limit the number anyways). I then drag my butt across town and go to multiple shops to grab two more copies. I’m always a collector first, then sell any I know I can make money now or maybe down the road.
        I’m fortunate enough to read sites like this one (daily, multiple times a day, hell, I keep a tap in my browser open at every computer I’m at, home and work – I even have the WordPress plugin to follow now on my Galaxy S5.. oh my goodness, I have issues) to get a heads up on speculation. I sometimes pre-order online from retailers when I know I might not get a chance to grab locally.
        My tips for anyone who seems to miss out on comics is:
        1. Read speculation websites to get info ahead of time.
        2. Pre-order immediately if you can and know you can’t get locally easily.
        3. Setup a pull list at your LCS. My usual shop where I have a pull list does OTA (One Time Add) pulls as well. Most comic shops know what they are getting at least a week ahead of time, updating them on your pull list usually guarantees you the comics you want.
        4. Get to the LCS right when they open if you can. Some can’t do this due to work, etc. I’m fortunate enough to have a flexible job and boss. If I have an internet connection, I can work from anywhere in my own field.

  12. That’s the beauty of CHU. We share what we are looking forward to and increase awareness to one another of upcoming books. Some are lock flips for the flippers, others look to be great reads. A few of the upcoming books I’m looking forward to are Punks #1 (Phantom and Rob Guillory covers), God Hates Astronauts (A,B,Phantom covers), Wayward (Phantom covers), Humans #1 (Regular and Comic Fund covers…#0 is a must grab now), and the Teen Dog 1:15 cover.

  13. There are about 15 lcs, in my area only 3 of them order order enourmous one was sold out Wednesday, I bought the last 3 they had @ another one the last one had plenty of 3 ‘ s and like 15 faze out magazine variants for cover. They even had issue 2 of enourmous on the shelf.

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