Aliens Isolation: One to watch

Thanks to Mark R. for this one.
With the trend of video game comic books heating up lately,it amazes me that much hasn’t been said about Dark Horse Comics’ Alien: Isolation.
Alien: Isolation was a comic preview that was given out at SDCC this year when you did the Alien Isolation video game experience.
People are sleeping on this comic and there are going to wish they hadn’t, not only for the fact it was only available this year at SDCC, but from what others are saying, this is going to be the best Alien/Aliens game ever made.
They are taking one of the greatest science fiction horror movies, putting the experience into a video game and actually pulling it off, this speaks volumes.
Get these cheap for now before the survival horror game hits.

10 thoughts on “Aliens Isolation: One to watch”

      1. Ok…missed that ..thanks. Wow,they are going for 15.00 and up and not many available. Probably small print run too.

      1. I sold two copies right after comic con but don’t have any left. Guess I’ll be able to see what I missed out on!

  1. I couldn’t score one of the comics, but they gave me the big promotional bag at sdcc and I was able to sell it for $15. Pretty good for a free bag. I think the franchise still has it’s fans.

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