Larry's Comics Pick of the week for 9/3/14

Each week, Larry from stops by to give us his pick of the week. Here is this weeks, for delivery 9/3/14:
It’s a fabulous new comic week.
There are a lot of gems for the discerning speculator.
Most shops will blow their new comic budget on the Death of Wolverine this week & rightfully so, it should be a sales beast.
Cloaks #1? Creator owned goodness from Boom. Great material but standard media pitch IMHO.
Dark Tower #1 Skottie Young cover? Tempting.
Dr Mirage #1? Valiant. Snicker.
Ex Con #1? Great material but yet another standard media pitch packaged as a comic. ( Great if it’s picked up)
God hates Astronauts #1 Huge online following, but its NOT a 1st appearance, so I gotta pass as a spec.
Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0? The Marvel vs books ALWAYS kill for me, but another book has caught my eye:
The book that in my humble opinion beats them all…
My pick of the week:
GREEN ARROW FUTURES END #1 3-D lenticular cover
(Wr) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino
Green Arrow is dead – and his replacement finally stands revealed!
The cover is visually stunning.
I’ve noticed for months the huge loyal following that Green Arrow is building due almost entirely to the CW TV show. The CW’s main target demographic is 18-34 year-old women & the network is converting them to comic fans at at a record pace.
These fans are NOT your typical Wednesday warrior. They will miss this book, but desperately seek it out at a later date.
If you can get it for $3.99, it smells like a twenty five dollar bill to me in a few months.
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