Dwayne Johnson Tweets he will be Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who ha previously tweeted he was in talks with DC to be in a movie, and later did an interview where he dropped the hint “just say the word”, has now confirmed he will be playing Black Adam in a live action Shazam Movie. We ran the video here.
Black Adam, the anti-Shazam, first appeared in 1977 Shazam #28, but goo luck finding a copy on eBay now.
Still one to keep an eye out for at your LCS.

2 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Tweets he will be Black Adam”

  1. Yeah, this one was pretty easy to see coming. I picked up over a dozen of these (Shazam 28) in high grade for 5 bucks or less at the local conventions and CSs over the past 8 wks or so. They just need to make a good movie and I wonder who Shazam will be… That’ll make or break the movie, IMHO.

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