The Spec of Baltimore Comic Con

The great thing about Baltimore Comic Con is the ton of dealers selling comics. Dealers brought thousands of comics, Golden Age to Modern, with hopes of moving inventory. Speculators were on the prowl. I walked around asking dealers what people were looking for.
The obvious answer was Guardians of the Galaxy and The Strain. Both are media juggernauts in their own right. Copies of The Strain #1 were averaging $100, not a bad mark up for a $1 issue. Guardians of the Galaxy #1 was also selling quickly on the dealer floors. Marvel Super-Heroes #18 was another one dealers couldn’t keep in stock.
As Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find’s Shelton Drum said to the question, “What are people asking for?”, the reply was “Anything Groot or Rocket.” (Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find is the best place to buy bags and boards by the way, I have purchased 1,000 from them each year at Baltimore.) Copies of Incredible Hulk #271 and Marvel Preview #7 were hot commodities.
But it’s the books that people didn’t think were hot were the ones being snatched up a cheap prices. Dealers kept telling me people were asking for two books people do not normally think of as hot, but should. X-Force #2, which features the second appearance of Deadpool, and is drawn by character creator Rob Liefeld, was snatched up out of dollar bins. The book is averaging $8-10 online.
Another set-to-be-hot book is Amazing Spider-man #360. This features a cameo of Carnage, actually showing the character, not an ad, not a fist, not a shadow, but his face. This book was grabbed up as well.
These are definitely books you should be on the look out for, and books our friends at the G+ Comic Book Speculation and Investment site have been talking about for a short while.
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  1. I picked up a couple ASM #360s at Wizard World Chicago couple wkends ago. Was surprised to find them in 2 dollar bins, but ultimately dealers just wanna move inventory. Also, picked up some 345s on the cheap. 2nd appearance of ole Cletus with the origin of Carnage story.

  2. I frequent Heroes quite a bit since I live in Charlotte. They do have the best boards and bags you can find. The store carries everything, but unfortunately it is too far for me to travel on my lunch break.

  3. Baltimore Comicon mini report.
    I headed down to Baltimore last weekend to split a 10’x20′ corner booth with a couple of my New England pals Chris’ Comics & Comix Explosion.
    We were delightful fellows to work with & had excellent prices
    I enjoyed moderate sales at my booth which I would describe as organized chaos of modern material & minor keys. The general consensus that I got from vendors was that the doubling of the show square footage & additional dealers was resulting in a weaker sales environment than last year.
    The bulk of my inventory was $10 books. I find the general show going public eats this type of material up.
    First books sold off my table were 5x I-Zombie #1 at $10ea
    I sold Death of Wolverine #1’s for a dollar as a show special & moved 330. The variants were in high demand. I sold a 1:500 for $500
    1:100 &1:75’s for $50 ea
    A box of 400 My Little Pony comics, didn’t make the sales floor as another dealer bought it before the show opened.
    This years 3-d covers were everywhere. They were bellybutton books ( everybody had one )
    Doomsday Man Of Steel 17-18-19 sold $35-$15-$10
    DC’s Grayson is developing a strong loyal following. Sold out of #1 variant at $10
    Sold a ton of Mirage TMNT issues. Very achievable run to complete & collectors are out there with their lists.
    Everybody asked for Strain #1
    I was surprised how well known Phantom was at the show. Collectors sought me out to buy them. Dealers sought me out to sign up for the program. Wayward, Spread & Nailbiter were my top movers at $5ea.
    Chris sold 10x Enormous Phantom #1’s for $35ea
    $10 tpb’s & hc’s were my bread & butter.
    I brought a box of Harley Quinn comics that sold fabulous all weekend. There was ALWAYS somebody looking in the box. #1-$12 #1 4th print $10
    Skottie Young covers at $5 flew.
    Star Wars Marvel was requested every day.
    I brought a dozen various Adam Hughes Catwoman covers in mylar for $10ea & sold them all.
    The buzz is building on the Flash tv show. TON of minor new52 sales. same with Green Arrow. These two books sell better at shows than they do in the shop.
    Fans were hunting obscure Deadpool appearances. Yes, X-Force #2 was a $10 book. I sold all six copies in Mylars
    I met & chatted up a bunch of CBSI regulars.
    ( wasn’t thrilled to hear that CBSI has a private group where the REAL info is posted )

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