First 10 Deadpool appearances

With the Deadpool movie announced for 2016, it is time to be proactive. Many of the earliest Deadpool appearances are dirt cheap in many stores back issue bins. These books could be great pickups, especially considering how well Rocket Raccoon appearances and Groot appearances have done leading up to and since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Most of those books were ones people would not have normally touched, and suddenly they were huge.

With Deadpool having the pre-existing fan base that Rocket and Groot did not have, these could become the hottest back issues around in the next 24 months.
1. New Mutants #98– Feb. 1991- This is obviously the big dog of the group. Deadpool’s first appearance. You will not find one of these cheap like the others on the list.
2. X-Force #1– Aug 1991- Deadpool appears two ways in this issue. Some copies came with a Deadpool trading card. Deadpool also appears in “Cable’s Guide” which was a series of character profiles in the series. This is the second appearance, but as a profile. Remains to see how this will shake out, but it should be counted as you would a cameo or advert for the character. Copies easily found for 99 cents.
3. X-Force #2– Sept. 1991- Deadpool’s second full appearance. Long time back issue bin stinker is getting new life. Prices have jumped but are not stable yet. Cheap NM copies out there. Sales as high as $30.
4. X-Force #4-Nov. 1991- More X-Force Deadpooly goodness
5. X-Force #5-Dec. 1991- Continued from X-Force #4
6. X-Force #10-May 1992- After some time Deadpool returns.
7. X-Force #11– June 1992- Also of note, first appearance of “real Domino” when/if X-Force movie comes out, this could/will be a key
8. Nomad #4– Aug 1992- First non-X-family appearance. Can be found in dollar bins and sells for $1-3 online.
9. X-Force #14– Sept. 1992- return to X-Force.
10. X-Force #15-Oct 1992- Another dollar bin book.
For the most part, you should be able to find appearances #2-10 easily and cheaply. If the movie gains heat, as anticipated, these will be key issues and could jump in value.

14 thoughts on “First 10 Deadpool appearances”

  1. Deadpool question, what are the truely scarce deadpool comics out there? Is there a top 5 rare deadpool list? Does anyone have any print run info?

    1. I don’t think any of the top 10 are truly scarce including nm 98. New mutants was a popular book around that time. This was during the boom printing years so there could be hundreds of thousands of copies of some of the books (x-force 1) it comes down to how many nm copies are left 20 years later

  2. Why are people targetting these issues? Would rather target the first appearance of Deadpool’s supporting cast! Weasel, Blind Al, and Bob, Agent of Hydra!

    1. I do not know anyone is necessarily targeting these issues other than NM 98 and currently X-Force #2. A second appearance can be a pricey book but xf2 has always been a dollar bin book. The others were just an FYI on the first 10 in order of appearance. With Deadpool being such a popular character I think it is a good play to get the early appearances.
      I totally agree that the supporting characters should be picked up as well. Considering I am just one guy I haven’t gotten to that yet. More to come.

  3. Here are the ones I would buy beyond NM 98 and X-Force 2 newsstand: Titan 155, X-Force 1 Gold 2nd Print, Nomad 4 & 15, Silver Sable 23 & 30, X-Force Megazine, Wolverine 73b, New Warriors 53, X-Men Unlimted 28, X-Men Toys R Us Edition #1, Heores For Hire 10 & 11, Black Panther 23, Wizard Magazine 22 ( first Mag cover? ) and Cerebro’s Guide to the X-Men Wizard insert Comic. I would have added Deadpool 0 but it appears that the market is saturated.

  4. Hydra Bob can’t be in the Deadpool movie since Disney owns the rights to Hydra. Having said that, I can’t believe I’ve been hunting for X-Force #2’s this week haha. Hell has officially frozen over!

  5. New Mutants 100 is a nice one to track down Now. Matter of time before an X-Force film is announced with a date. Most likely to release within a year of the Deadpool film IMO.

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