Deadpool trailer airs Super Bowl 50 Ad

Still seriously pumped for this one, not even a huge Deadpool comic fan. Here is the latest offering for the movie: Continue reading “Deadpool trailer airs Super Bowl 50 Ad”

Three New Deadpool Trailers Show New Footage

Just days away from the start of Deadpool and with it we are getting new trailers. The ones we have been seeing lately have been recuts of previous footage. The three new ones just released show some additional footage:  Continue reading “Three New Deadpool Trailers Show New Footage”

Full Deadpool Clip released on Twitter

The official Twitter account for the Deadpool Movie, @deadpoolmovie, has released the first full clip for the Deadpool movie. The movie out in two weeks is something we are looking forward to. Check out the full one minute clip below: Continue reading “Full Deadpool Clip released on Twitter”

Marrow in Deadpool movie?

Someone mentioned it here the other day, but the Christmas trailer that was released on the 25th appears to have the mutant Marrow in the back ground. Continue reading “Marrow in Deadpool movie?”

Official Deadpool Trailer airs on Conan

The official Deadpool Trailer just aired on Conan. It is essentially the same trailer that leaked out of SDCC, but of course, much clearer. The trailer just went online at the official Deadpool website, which takes you directly to Youtube currently. So without further ado, Deadpool the Trailer. Continue reading “Official Deadpool Trailer airs on Conan”

New Fantastic Four Trailer features Deadpool

I have never been a fan of Marvel’s first family. The comic series never appealed to me. The original two films never had anything of interest other than Jessica Alba. However, the newest trailer has piqued my interest for one reason: Deadpool Continue reading “New Fantastic Four Trailer features Deadpool”

Deadpool behind the scene videos appear online

Filming for the Deadpool movie has started and behind the scene videos are popping up online. Check them out after the bump: Continue reading “Deadpool behind the scene videos appear online”

Brianna Hildebrand cast in Deadpool movie mentioned today that new actress Brianna Hildebrand has been cast in the Deadpool movie as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
ntw-deadpool-header Continue reading “Brianna Hildebrand cast in Deadpool movie”

Ryan Reynolds tweets out official Deadpool costume. 

What can be better than Deadpool in front of a fire on a bear skin rug? The official Deadpool movie costume in front of a fire on a bear skin rug.
Continue reading “Ryan Reynolds tweets out official Deadpool costume. “

Morena Baccarin confirmed as Copycat in Deadpool movie

CBR has the story. Morena Baccarin has confirmed via twitter that she will be playing Copycat in the Deadpool movie. IMG_0467 Continue reading “Morena Baccarin confirmed as Copycat in Deadpool movie”

X-Force #19 One to watch

Here is a “find it cheap in the back issues” and flip scenerio. Or you could hold it until the Deadpool movie. X-Force #19 has popped up in value recently due to the casting of Morena Baccarinas in the Deadpool Continue reading “X-Force #19 One to watch”

Morena Baccarinas lead female and love interest in Deadpool movie

From We had previously mentioned that Morena Baccarinas was in the running for the female lead in Deadpool, well she got it.

IMG_0467 Continue reading “Morena Baccarinas lead female and love interest in Deadpool movie”

Morena Baccarin testing for Deadpool role

Deadline is reporting that Morena Baccarin (Homeland) along with several other actresses are testing for the lead female roll opposite Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool Movie due out in 2016.
images Continue reading “Morena Baccarin testing for Deadpool role”

X-Force #11: A Comic Heating Up?

We have been mentioning the early appearances of Deadpool and the potential for them to pop. Some of them have, and others are starting to. X-Force #2 being the obvious one. Continue reading “X-Force #11: A Comic Heating Up?”

Deadpool supporting cast appearances

So last nights piece on the first 10 appearances on Deadpool sparked a lot of conversation, one thing that was brought up was Deadpools supporting cast appearances. I thought it was a good idea and wanted to revisit it. So this goes out to Ckret Iskwrel for asking the question. Continue reading “Deadpool supporting cast appearances”

Bleeding Cool Runs Deadpool spec story on X-Force #1

So we ran the first 10 Deadpool appearances last night here. Got the question “are people really chasing these books?” Looks like the answer is yes. Someone was obviously paying attention because Bleeding Cool ran the following story today:
Speculator Corner: X-Force #1 Bagged With Deadpool Card. Really?.

Dear me no… another one to go back issue bin diving for. In this case, the local landfill may also prove fortuitous.
When Marvel relaunched New Mutants as X-Force #1 with Rob Liefeld, they did so by bagging the comic with one of five trading cards, encouraging people to buy all five, plus one to open and read. And they sold five million of the bastards.
So that’s one million of each trading card variant.
And just as X-Force #2 and its second appearance of Deadpool is getting bizarre speculator behaviour considering how many were printed, so are X-Force #1 copies, still bagged, with a Deadpool trading card.
And so what was once a fifty cent book, rose to two dollars… then to four… and then to eight.
More, much more to come, it seems.

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