Deadpool supporting cast appearances

So last nights piece on the first 10 appearances on Deadpool sparked a lot of conversation, one thing that was brought up was Deadpools supporting cast appearances. I thought it was a good idea and wanted to revisit it. So this goes out to Ckret Iskwrel for asking the question.
Ckret (and clever name there) asked “Why are people targeting these issues? Would rather target the first appearance of Deadpool’s supporting cast! Weasel, Blind Al, and Bob, Agent of Hydra!”
Ckret is right, if Deadpool gets made, and made for the fans it could include Deadpool’s supporting players.
Here they are:
Weasle first appears in Cable #3 .99 cents starting price.
Blind Al first appears in Deadpool #1 (1997) which will be a pricier book to hunt down.
Bob Agent of Hydra first appears in Cable and Deadpool #38 which is a sub-$3 comic.
And in honor of Deadpool’s recent marriage, Gretchen Wilson, Deadpool’s wife, first appears in Identity Disc #5. Also a cheap comic.
Let me know if you would like to see any additional characters added to the list.

10 thoughts on “Deadpool supporting cast appearances”

  1. Instead of hoping for price increases, another way to buy Deadpool comics that are already undervalued in Overstreet price guide. Some sellers don’t update prices or just follow Overstreet prices. Examples: Encyclopedia Deadpoolia, Baby first Deadpool, Deadpool kills Marvel universe, Deadpool death annual, Deadpool teamup, etc.

    1. I love shops that pull out over street to price comics. Most of the time they are not current. A good old time shop where there is no computer in it and just a store owner with an over street has made me so much money. The problem is they can be few and far between. If you find one, latch on to it. I have one about 30 minutes from me that I visit weekly. He never has change so I always bring ones for him or just “let him keep the change” and he loves me.

      1. Speaking of shops that use Overstreet, one of my LCS’s does and I scored an Amazing Spider-Man 678 Mary Jane / Venom variant there today for $30. But they had hardly any Deadpool and related books left, go figure

  2. I heard the studio cannot use Bob Agent of Hydra because of a licensing issue. I am not sure if this it true. Anyone looking for a cool reference of Deadpool supporting characters should check out Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul. Dr. Bong anyone?

    1. Dr Bong is Howard the Duck related so Marvel probably owns that one too. They could just have a guy in a Green suit as Hydra Bob and have a horn honk whenever someone says the name ‘Hydra”.

  3. I would add Dr. Betty and Big Bertha to Ckret’s list. Gretchen Wilson lol. Like one of my favorite villains from New Guardians 2, she made her first and last appearance in the same book.

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