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I’d like to share some of the things I observed as well as encountered throughout the four day NYCC experience. As Anthony has covered, the Wytches #1 NYCC Variant was a main focus of many throughout the convention. From my discussions at the con, coming in at second place for highly sought after books was Enormous. 215 Ink had a healthy supply of all covers that began to quickly fly off the table as they did off the ComicXposure table as well for the issue 4C and D covers. The one that many were seeking most was the NYCC #1 variant limited to 106 copies.

215 Ink is bringing its A game across the board on their titles. Be sure to check out Golgotha by Karl Slominski, Beware…Formula X by Michael D. Perkins, as well as the one shot titled Black River. 215 Ink is not only force to be reckon with, it is also a magnet for some of the most genuine creators in the industry.
Spread #1 NYCC by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm was also a very sought after book. The previously released covers were moving as fast as the NYCC variant was. A few titles that caught my eye were Holy F*ck (limited to 100 copies) by Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa by Action Lab. Another one that caught my eye is American Nature Presents (2000 printed). I saw the cover and Ryan Browne of God Hates Astronauts name attached to it with several others and had to check it out. This is a self published book that I’d imagine got picked up by Sunday.

Getting to meet and discuss titles with creators is always a welcomed experience. Joshua Williamson of Ghosted, Nailbiter, and Birthright is as down to earth and kind as they come. For those of you who like a comic that has layers be sure to get on board with Birthright. Josh has quite the story to tell and the uncanny ability to paint a picture with words in addition the top notch art by Andrei Bressan.
A few other highlights were meeting Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder, an impromptu Robert Kirkman signing following a Skybound panel, getting a quick sketch from Kyle Strahm and another one from Ryan Browne, who killed it!

Attend NYCC 2014? What was your favorite experience? What has been your favorite experience at another con?

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  1. I met Chris Claremont and Bob McCleod who both signed my X-Men #94 (first interior page) that I’d found in a yard sale. When I told Claremont the story, he jokingly offered to buy it from me. Nice guys. Also got a free sketch for my daughter of Spider-Gwen from Robbi Rodrguez. Howard Chaykin told some stories while he sketched for some fans and signed my copy of Scorpion #1. And James Robinson signed Starman #0 and #80 while also writing a message of encouragement in my daughter’s sketch for her to continue drawing. Awesome Artists Alley overall!

  2. Had a much better time this year than I did at last year’s con. Got tons of books signed & CGCed – 12 in total. Missed out on exclusives. Got three commissioned pieces from artists. Bought some McFarlane Amazing Spider-man pieces for 75% off, last 3 trades of WALKING DEAD for $7 each. Liefeld was charging a variety of prices for signed books – $30 for either New Mutant 98 or New Mutants 87, any Deadpool for $10, $20 to sign merchandise. Other than the Liefeld ridiculousness, I can’t complain about this con.

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