Full list of Marvel Announcements for Wave 3

The internet broke in half today with the full slate of Marvel’s Wave 3 Movie announcements.
Ok, it didn’t break in half, but I love that saying. Some were known, some came out of the dark, but Marvel Wave 3 is huge. Say what you will about current Marvel books, the movies are fantastic.
We will look at the spec of each announcement in individual posts, so stay tuned, but here is the full list of Marvel’s Announcements.
Captain America: Civil War
May 6, 2016
maarvel 1
We have been beating the drum on this one for a while, April 2014 post.
Doctor Strange
November 4, 2016
marvel 2
This has been known. Benedict Cumberbatch has been semi-confirmed for this, but maybe not as he wasn’t mentioned today. Still in the air or still being finalized.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
May 5, 2017
marvel 3
No surprise, first movie was huge and had non-comic fans running around saying “I am Groot”. Dancing Groot is a phenom, and people love Rocket as well.
Thor: Ragnarok
July 28, 2017
marvel 4
Again, no surprise. Thor has been a decent franchise and Marvel will keep rocking it. Thor and Loki back.
Black Panther
November 3, 2017
marvel 5
Again, not really a surprise. There has been an under current of rumbling that Marvel was adding Black Panther to the Marvel Cinema Universe. Will be introduced in the next Avengers film.
Captain Marvel
July 6, 2018
marvel 6
Yeah, we mentioned she would be introduced in the next Avengers movie. Just didn’t know she was getting her own movie. Yup, it is Carol Danvers.
Avengers: Infinity War Parts I and II
May 2018 May 2019
marvel 7
This was kind of a surprise. We know Thanos was playing a bigger role in the Marvel U. We knew the Infinity Gems would play a bigger role. Just thought it would be in the Guardians Movies. Still might.
November 2 2018
marvel 8
Marvel does not have the X-Men film rights, so as funny as it sounds, Marvel needs it’s own X-Men. This has been hinted at for a while.

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