Crossbones, Main bad Guy in Cap 3?

Thanks to Mel the Movie Guy for forwarding this one.
We have long said that Civil War was coming to the Marvel Movie-verse. A little while back it was announced that Captain America #3 would be called Captain America Civil War. While it had been speculated that Crossbones would be the big bad in the movie, it is now kind of confirmed.
From Comic Book dot com that actor Frank Grillo would appear in Cap 3 as Crossbones.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll claimed on Twitter tonight that Crossbones — played by Frank Grillo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier — will reappear in Captain America: Civil War and serve as the film’s main antagonist.

This all came about when another actor, Justin Kroll confirmed via twitter that he would be playing a villain in Cap 3, but not the main bad guy, that would be Crossbones.
Crossbones’ first cameo was in Captain America #359 and his first full appearance was in Captain America #360.
And don’t forget, Crossbones was originally thought to be the guy who killed Cap at the end of Civil War in Captain America #25 which can still be picked up cheaply.

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  1. Daniel Brühl has just been cast ….”though speculation abounds that the actor is set to portray a villain, with many fans pointing to the psychological super-baddie Doctor Faustus; Nazi and Hydra leader Red Skull; or Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo, an evil sorcerer who serves as a nemesis for Doctor Strange —”

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