Wednesday open forum

Each week we ask to hear your pick ups. So, let us hear what you got this week.
Also, feel free to talk about what ever else is on your mind, comic book related.

41 thoughts on “Wednesday open forum”

  1. Escape From New York #1
    Gotham Academy #3
    Secret Six #1
    Wolf Moon #1
    Shaft #1
    68 Homefront #4
    Birthright #3
    Humans #2
    Low #5
    Tooth And Claw #2
    Angela Asgard’s Assassin #1
    Legendary Star-Lord #6
    Men Of Wrath By Jason Aaron #3
    Inhuman #9

  2. My definite pickups:
    Detective Comics #37 (Digging the new artwork and story)
    Birthright #3 (Pretty darn good!)
    Chew #45 (Superchicken Poyo… )
    Five Ghosts #14 (Great stuff, great art and story)
    God Hates Astronauts #4 (still making me laugh)
    Humans #2 (Interesting for sure.. )
    Low #5 (Things started to get interesting at the end of the last issue)
    Nailbiter #8 (Good story, I like the direction it’s going)
    Tooth And Claw #2 (I thought #1 was good.. wanna see where it’s going)
    Angela Asgards Assassin #1 (Checking it out)
    Legendary Star Lord #6 (I like me some Star Lord)
    Men of Wrath #3 (Aaron and crime stories, yes please)
    Evil Empire #8 (Not sure how much longer but each issue ends wanting me to know more)
    Brainstorm #4 (Very interesting read, art isn’t half bad either)

      1. Interesting, I did not know they had a promo issue.
        I landed 3 x #2 EOSV 3rd prints today. There were some more available but didn’t want to push it as they usually limit. Didn’t want to be “that guy”… might go back at a later time to snag more if available. πŸ™‚

  3. Another pretty light week for me. A lot of my resources went to peoples holiday gifts. Can’t be all about me and my comics! (or can it?)
    Brutus Magazine (Attack on Avengers supplement) (got 3 and flipped them super quickly)
    Angela #1 (because i’ve liked her character since the early Spawn days)
    Humans #2
    Starlord #6
    Birthright #3
    Low #5
    Nailbiter #8
    Tooth & Claw #2 (Alex Ross cover)
    Men of Wrath #3
    Abbadon (Regular Cover) (New Jimmy Palmiotti on Kickstarter)
    Survivorland (Zombie apocalypse written Manga style) (Also on Kickstarter)
    Sent out a list of older stuff I needed to grab. Just have to wait to hear back if anyone I know has them.
    22 Brides #1
    2001: Space Odyssey #8
    Action Comics #521, #869
    ASM #418
    Astonishing Tales #6
    Avengers #112
    Batman and Robin #19
    Booster Gold #1
    Doorway to Nightmare #1
    Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #1
    Inhumans #1
    Machine Man #19
    Micronauts #8
    The New Guardians #2
    a bunch more on that list. Just some random ones i’m on the hunt for.
    Anyone get anything good that is older than todays release?

      1. Both. I just decided to take a look because every once in awhile there’s some good stuff. I came across these two and they looked interesting. I went with the regular cover Abbadon because from the numbers it seems that one will actually be printed less than the variants since almost all variants sold out and they are print on demand. For Survivorland I went with the. One where you get yourself drawn as a zombie because why not. Are you thinking about getting in on them?

    1. If you’re looking for Batman and Red Robin #19, the Carrie Kelly appearance, I have a couple. Let me know if you want to do a trade or something. Always like helping out CHU peoples!

  4. I’m gonna be in Chicago next weekend. Anyone have any hole in the wall or “secret” spots they are willing to share? If not, I always have the normal LCS’s in CHicago I can hit up. πŸ™‚

      1. He said The Grahams (Graham Craker Comics) downtown is cool (Madison and Michigan and apparently they have a few more locations…)

      2. Nice! After a quick search Graham Cracker was one of the ones I was able to find. It’s right down the street from my hotel too so I know where I’ll be when I have some down time lol. I also saw one called First Aid Comics that looked interesting. I’ll more than likely check both out. Thanks Nate!

  5. Low (didn’t think I’d last this long, but it is good)
    Deadpool (for Brian Posehn)
    Birthright (not a lot of comics surprise me and the writer has a box at my lcbs so I see him on Wednesdays)
    Shaolin Cowboy TPB (I missed the originals in the first series and loved the second series)
    Strangers in Paradise Omnibus (picked up half off with free shipping on Cyber Monday)

      1. My lcbs had a sale 1/2 off trades, but I did not want to hang them with the loss, so I picked it up on Amazon. On sale for $62, 30% off books up to $10 on Cyber Monday, making it $52 with free shipping. Last I looked, it was still on sale for $62.05 with free shipping.

  6. Another huge week for me.
    Hell boy and Bprd #1
    Chew 45
    Five Ghosts 14
    Low 5
    Men of Wrath 3
    God Hates Astronauts 4
    Humans 2
    Nailbiter 8
    Birthright 3
    68 Homefront 4
    Crossed Badlands 67
    Crossed +100 1
    Dark Gods 2
    Woods 8
    Wolf Moon 1
    Uber 20
    Cavewoman Rising 1
    Cavewoman Roam 1
    Evil Empire 8
    Back Issues
    Dark Engine 3
    Over the Garden Wall Special 1 x2
    Captain Marvel 14 (cameo new Ms Marvel)

  7. Birthright 3 was downright great
    as was Tooth & Claw 2
    Hellboy & BPRD
    Gotham Academy 3
    Five Ghosts
    Men of Wrath 3
    Wolf Moon
    Fight Like a Girl
    Just the TIps
    Harvey Kurtzman Jungle Book
    Shaolin Cowboy

    1. Matt Fraction was at my lcbs the day before Thankgiving to sign Ody-C. If you got it personalized instead of just signed, he gave you a free copy of Just the Tips.

  8. Seeing a trend. Joe Keatinge and the female artist were here and vancouver a few weeks ago. It was $10 for a signed/sketched black cover if you got your name on it. $35 w/o. They said they and I quote “we trying to discourage against ebay sales”. I asked for my $10 bucks back because I didn’t know about the disclaimer until after I paid. LOL

  9. I think it must of been Leila Del Duca’s idea. she was doing really detailed sketches on black shutter 1’s. I would have gladly paid $10 for one, I just didn’t want my name on it and $35 was a bit steep.

    1. That’s not too bad for con pricing. I’ve seen some pretty high prices for certain artists at cons. At NYCC I was able to get Wes Craig to draw me an inked sketch of Maria from Deadly Class. His price was $50 but it was a sketch I really wanted.

  10. this was a really small con. it costs 4 bucks to get in to give you some idea. maybe 12-15 tables there max. maybe if it was a more prominent artist, but Leila is relative new.

    1. Ah I see. I’m the type where I have to really want the sketch to consider a hefty price. There were a bunch of good artists I would have picked up sketches from but their prices were way out of reach. An example from someone I asked was $500 for a full body sketch of a character and $150 for a head sketch. There was a full portfolio of actual pages from books that were better priced. Sometimes ya just gotta walk away lol.

  11. I picked up Just the Tips, Tooth & Claw #2, Chew #45, Humans #2, Nailbiter #8, 68 Homefront #4, Woods #8, Wolf Moon #1, Angela #1, Hulk Vs Thanos, Detective Comics #37 Cover B. I ordered a second copy of Just the Tips, as well as Fight Like A Girl #1 and Crossed +100 #1 (Polybag Variant). I still need to locate NM copies of Birthright #3, Escape From New York #1, Extinction Parade: War #5, God Hate Astronauts #4, Low #5, Hellboy & BPRD #1 and Men Of Wrath #3. Which brings me to my question, outside of getting a job from CGC and having them train you, how can I figure out the difference between a comic that’s a 9.4 and a book that’s a 8.4? I’ve been having trouble finding comics that I consider NM and I’m starting to think I’m being too discriminating when it comes to condition, if anyone has advice it would be appreciated.

    1. There would be no 8.4. There would be the 10.0 9.8 9.6 9.4 9.2 and 9.0 (they did away with the 9.5 they used for wizard books).
      The trick is to read the grade guide in an overstreet and (i dont remember the site) there is a grade guide online that shows you the difference with pictures. I like using New Kadia’s example grading sheet and looking for what knocks a book down in grades. Most new books should be easy 9.8’s. Except they are handled by Diamond Employees boxed, shipped, and then unboxed and handled by your local comic shop and tons can go wrong.

      1. Yeah, you can see the CGC grading scale at
        After 9.0, it goes to 8.5 and then 8.0.. pretty much a .5 on down after 9.0.
        As for myself, no spine creases, no visible dents on cover, no slight bends or torn pages and corners are sharp, it’s pretty much a 9.8 for the most part. Small dent or two on cover can still be a 9.8 to me.
        One crease on spine pretty much knocks it down to 9.6, if really small and not noticeable, sometimes bumps back to 9.8.
        Very visible crease or two is a 9.6 to me. Banged up corners knocks it down to 9.6. Slightly torn corner gives it this grade or can bump to 9.4 if really big.
        A crease that breaks the color is 9.4.
        Basically, the more you find, the more points you should take off.

  12. Great week for me
    15x Edge of Spider-Verse 2 3rd print (will trade for copies of the 2nd print of the issue if anyone is interested)
    6x Edge of Spider-Verse 2 1st print (cover price)
    1x Godkiller 2
    3x Angela Asgard’s Assassin
    Hinterkind 1-13
    1x Nailbiter 8
    1x Army of Darkness 1
    1x Woods 8
    1x God Hates Astronauts
    1x The Humans 2
    1x Low 5
    1x Birthright 3
    2x Tooth and Claw 2 (Both Covers)
    1x Rasputin 1 2nd print
    1x Crossed +100
    1x Deadpool 38

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