Tooth and Claw to change it's name

Looks like there was a bit of confusion with the comic name Tooth and Claw which is causing the name of the book to change.
According to CBR, Kurt Busiek said there was a snafu in the copy write. The book will now be known as Autumnland: Tooth and Claw.
A reprint of issue #1 with the new name will be coming out.

12 thoughts on “Tooth and Claw to change it's name”

          1. Yeah, small spike from what I recall but quickly died off. The bigger spike was when it was optioned, but has died off since then.

  1. Any idea what the print run is on the Tooth and Claw display or B&W variants? I wonder if the display variants will spike based on lower print and some stores will return copies that don’t sell.

    1. The B&W was one per store from what I recall. If anyone wants the display variants, there’s a local shop that still has plenty available.

    1. Yeah, there’s a local shop here that still has tons of the display variants available. Seems they had about half and half, maybe not as rare as we might think.

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