Agent Poyo's Walking Dead contest winner

Thanks to everyone who played along. I loved reading them all. I have had the “where would I bug out to” conversation at work a million times. Glad to share my nerdiness with everyone else. But, let’s move on to the reason we are here, to give away some comics. As said before this contest was for a Walking Dead 100 2nd print and the Agent Poyo Sketch cover.
Like I said I loved hearing them all, and had a hard time picking a winner. So, I did the chicken thing and kicked it over to the main chicken himself, Poyo.
So here is what he said:
Kyle Lentz is the winner. It was between
him and the Chuck Norris comment after narrowing them down some, both
of those made me laugh so this round goes to good humor.
Kyle. Shoot me your address at and I will get those books out to you next week.

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