Next Spider-man movie potential story line?

Sony Pictures was hacked, big time. Lot’s of stuff coming out of the hacked emails. But important to the spec community is what has been leaked about the Spider-man franchise.
So this is what has been found out (these come from several different sources including CBR )
1. Andrew Garfield is out and a new Peter Parker is being looked for.
2. Venom or Carnage could be the big bad of the Sinister Six movie (Comic Book Movie)
Keep an eye on those Amazing Spider-man 300 and 361‘s
3. Spider-Man could Cameo in the Captain America: Civil War movie. ( Comic Book Movie again)
4. The next Spider-Man movie could focus on the classic story Kraven’s Last Hunt. The story line runs through Amazing Spider-Man 293-294, Web of Spider-Man 31-32, and The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132

7 thoughts on “Next Spider-man movie potential story line?”

  1. I liked Andrew Garfield though.. I want Spider-Man in some of the Marvel stories but I think most of the actors they had in the last two spider movies would fare well, keep’em I say.

  2. I felt the opposite, I thought Maguire was a very fitting representation of Peter from the comics. I could not get behind Garfield, thought he was a bit too hip in his role.
    Bring back Seabiscuit!

  3. Is it wrong I like both? Seeing Spider-Man in the MCU would be awesome. Imagine if they were all in the MCU? X-Men, FF, Spider-Man, etc. I’d love it. It would be a complete universe to me instead of what’s going on now.

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