One to watch: Amazing Spider-man #30 (Vol.2)

Thanks to Agent Poyo for this one:
Amazing Spider-man back issues continue to heat up. The Spider-verse series has breathed new life into back issues. Throw in covers by super star J. Scott Campbell and you have winners. This one has more to it than just the cover though. Continue reading “One to watch: Amazing Spider-man #30 (Vol.2)”

Amazing Spiderman #12 One to watch for tomorrow

So normally I do the picks of the week and put all the books in there. But sometimes there are stand outs that need to be looked at, this is one of them. Spoilers ahead Continue reading “Amazing Spiderman #12 One to watch for tomorrow”

Next Spider-man movie potential story line?

Sony Pictures was hacked, big time. Lot’s of stuff coming out of the hacked emails. But important to the spec community is what has been leaked about the Spider-man franchise. Continue reading “Next Spider-man movie potential story line?”