Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net variant

I am extremely humble by the reception this site has gotten in the last year and a half. We got one million hits (total) earlier this year. We are set to get one million hits this calendar year. Now if I only had a dollar for every hit the site got.
But on to the point. I have been working with the fine folks at 215 Ink to commission two really fantastic variants for Enormous #6. This is the end of the first story arch and things will be changing. I wanted to do something really different that they had not done before. Working with Tim Daniel, we have come up with something truly special. Check back around 8 pm eastern when I unveil the two exclusive CHU covers for Enormous #6. I think you will like them.

27 thoughts on “Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net variant”

  1. Congrats Anthony. Doing a cover for such a good book must be big. Man I can’t wait to see the artwork. Make sure u save me one lol. But yeah I’ll defenetly get one or two from u. Again congrats

  2. Shut up and take my money lol. I found out about the book from here and I love it. Im still missingis the phantom exclusive 1 that came out a few months later and the black and white version. Its a great series that is visually beautiful. Im glad your getting your own variants wicked cool. Can’t wait to order them thanks again for turning me on to enormous.

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