One to Watch: Rumble #1

Thanks to Kelly H. for this one.
If you haven’t done so, go out and pick up a copy of Rumble #1.
The book is getting really good reviews on-line. There is also a lot of chatter on message boards in reference to the book. Both good signs. In addition to the regular cover, there are several variants.
First up, Rumble had one of Image’s popular new Display Variants. These books have slight variations to the logo for shops who signed up for the program, not all shops did, making these variants harder to find than the regular cover. These are going for a couple dollars above cover price.
Up, next is the Forbidden Planet/Jetpack Comics exclusive cover. This one is going for $10-$12 each.
And finally, there is the 1 in 15 Jamie McKelvie variant. These are closing for around $20 each. These could go up in a few weeks when copies start drying up.
Definitely a cool book, and worth a pick up.

7 thoughts on “One to Watch: Rumble #1”

  1. I haven’t read it yet but skimmed and it does look awesome, art looks awesome as well.
    1 in 15 Jamie McKelvie variant is still available at Midtown if your local shops don’t have it.
    Also as a side note, Midtown still has the Deep State #1 Cover B Incentive Artyom Trakhanov Virgin Variant Cover as well.. with that movie/show optioned, might not be a bad gamble to pick up me thinks.

  2. The comic was great and it sold out in all of my local stores. Does anyone know if this comic was previewed anywhere?

  3. I’m back home visiting my family and my LCS here has Rumble #1 and Tooth & Claw display variants. If anyone is interested.

  4. My LCS store has the Image logo variant of Rumble #1 on display with a bunch of other Image titles that are a part of this current promotion.
    I picked one up but haven’t had the chance to read it yet.
    On a side note, I love this promotion. Kudos to all the LCS who have been participating.

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