CHU Flip Idea: December Loot Crate Exclusives

Man this is awesome. This month Lootcrate is doing their biggest box yet.
There are two really cool exclusives that should be easy flips. You should be able to at least double your money on this one (especially if you use the coupon codes to save $3
This is only good until 9 PM PST (12 AM EST)
Here is a look at what you get for your $16 (Shipping Included).
First up is the exclusive Batman #35 cover. Priced at $3.99 this will sell for more, even with a big print run.

Add in a Joker-Ed out Batman (or a Batman-ed out Joker if you will) which usually sell for $9.99 each (will go for more) plus some other stuff, and I think you have the makings of a good flip potential. These will only last until tonight before the order window closes.
Use code Anniversary or Save3 to save $3


16 thoughts on “CHU Flip Idea: December Loot Crate Exclusives”

  1. Right now groupon is running a special through the site Ebates on Lootcrates for 10 bucks. Two for one basically. I just bought two. Let the world know! Go on bleeding cool for instructions.

  2. I had a feeling this would be a god crate when they announced to subscribers it was gonna be a big anniversary crate. Glad I’ve been a subscriber. Unfortunately I won’t get it as soon as it arrives because I left to visit my family back in California. But still looking forward to seeing the other goodies included in this box when I open it.
    Are you also a normal subscriber Tony?

      1. This is also the first one I’m ordering, although I honestly don’t plan on keeping for longer then one or two boxes since I have enough comics and action figures as it is. Is it really that simple to cancel your subscription?

  3. Unless the limit has been reached in the last few hours, Groupon has a deal where you can get this (or a future Loot Crate) for $10.

  4. you have to figure that January will have to be a decent crate also as they probably got a lot of new subscribers this month and it would be a huge fail if they went to a crate like they had in November right away.

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