Top 10 CHU Stories of the week

In case you missed them, here are the Top 10 stories of the week based on traffic.

1. Comics Picks of the Week for 12/17/14– This Wednesday Morning List always brings in the most readers. Check out what our picks were.

2. Next Spiderman Movie Potential Story Line– Based off the recent Sony Hacked leaks, showing where the next Spider-man movies could be going

3. Death of a Marvel Villian– Avengers X-Men Axis #8 had a possible death of a Major Spider-villain.

4. One to Watch: Rumble #1– A look at the new book Rumble from Image.

5. Chu’s Enormous #6 Variants– We released images of our exclusive Enormous #6 Variants

6. November Print Run Figures– The November print run numbers are in and we analyze them based on books talked about on the site.

7. CHU Flip Idea: December Loot Crate– a look at the money making potential of Loot Crate’s mega December crate.

8. Year End Best New Comic Poll– Asking you what series you thought was the best new series of 2014.

9. Flash Annual #2: A comic heating up Potential money making book you may still be able to find in your local comic shop bins.

10. TFAW Hot 20 list for 12/20/14 A recap of meg on line retailers TFAW’s top 20 best selling comics.

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