Todd McFarlane to announce new series at Image Expo

Thanks to Kelly H. for the heads up
From Todd McFarlane’s Facebook page, Todd will announce a new series at Image Expo. Expect this and other big stories coming out next week from Image Expo.
Look for some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS coming to you comic book fans at the IMAGE COMIC EXPO this week!!!!!
You guys have heard me talk a lot about Spawn issue #250 because it’s my single BIGGEST issue we’ve done since the existence of the Spawn title so I’ll be giving more details about that at the Image Expo. But I will also be introducing another NEW COMIC title that will be arriving on book shelves in a few short months! I will give all the details later this week.
It’s an idea that I’ve had for a while… and it’s finally coming to fruition. Plus all the issues of this initial 8 -issue mini-series are COMPLETELY done. That’s right…over 180 pages of the story are finished.
Below is a teaser of the signing poster that I’ll be using at the Image Expo. After the show, I’ll make sure I save a few of these and run a giveaway of some signed posters for you good people here on FACEBOOK…. but in the meantime… if you’re in the San Francisco/ Bay Area January 8, stop by and see me!
I’ll be doing a quick signing on Jan. 8th from 4-5PM, so I hope to see some of you there. More details about the Image Expo (and to get tickets) here:
Be good.

Kelly forwarded me some non-Spawn related sketches. Could these be for the new series?






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  1. This new series has jumped way up on my list for 2015 without any information available about it. I’m really hoping it’s along the lines of some of his random non Spawn sketches he does from time to time. They are absolutely amazingly!

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