Amazing Spiderman #12 One to watch for tomorrow

So normally I do the picks of the week and put all the books in there. But sometimes there are stand outs that need to be looked at, this is one of them. Spoilers ahead
Under normal circumstances I do one pick of the week and move on. But
Not this week. This week I wanted to spotlight a book that may need extra attention. Amazing Spiderman 12 brings back a
Classic character who hasn’t been seen in comics for years. The Spider-verse books have changed the
Landscape for Spiderman and are worth checking out. We have seen Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman hit highs over in
Edge of Spider Verse #2.
Be weary of spoilers on-line, they are popping up and one hidden in this post as well.
Eventually, it will be out there, and if media picks up on this it could be a big book.
Not sure the character will last, but Amazing Spiderman 12 should be on your radar.

14 thoughts on “Amazing Spiderman #12 One to watch for tomorrow”

    1. And the characters never grow old.. what’s up with that? Damn these fictional characters and stories… 😉

    1. Lol, didn’t even notice the spoiler the first time I read it. this is Dan Slott’s calling card; hype up a book with a shocking ending and then nobody cares the next week.

  1. Buy them, flip them. I’m paying attention to all the Spider-Verse though.. look what we saw with Spider-Gwen.. ya just never know!

  2. Interesting to bring back Uncle Ben the reason why Peter Parker became a super hero. This is as surprising as a return of Bruce Wayne’s parents. But limited future potential unless Uncle Ben becomes a new super hero or villain.

  3. But isn’t he just an Uncle Ben from the alternate dimension in which he was found? Silk mentions he was That World’s Totem, which would imply he is Not from 616. And we’ve previously seen other-dimensional Uncle Bens before. Are we figuring 616 Peter is going to “adopt” this Uncle Ben, since he has nowhere else to live outside of that bunker? And with Aunt May no longer knowing Peter is Spider-man, bringing Uncle Ben into the picture would be complicated. Instead I am smelling a short term story in which Uncle Ben dies during the climax of Spider-verse to create a reinvigorated status quo and touch the lives of others beyond Peter.

    1. Yeah, I see no value in keeping the new old Uncle Ben around either.. kill’em off I say! Make Peter cry again.. 😉

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