24 thoughts on “Eisner award winning writer coming to Spawn”

  1. BKV has stated he may have a rather big announcement at the Expo. As dreamlike as that may be for him to write Spawn I’d suspect he’d continue to stick with The Private Eye and Saga and drop some Saga news.

  2. I bet Brubaker is out, since he got that deal already with Image, anything he writes, gets published. I’m sure he’s focusing on his own stuff right now.
    I doubt BKV is doing it, he seems to focus on just a few or one project at a time (which is why his stuff is good). Unless he has most of Saga already laid out, I think he’s not the one.
    The rest is a toss up to me, it could be any of them to be honest though.

  3. Many of the potential writers will bring on new readers and ones who are picking Spawn back up.
    May be a good time to dig up those Spawn #1’s, an uptick is very likely to occur in the value.

  4. When I talked to Brian Wood during his signing, I asked him about Spawn and he said that he only did issue 250 and was later let go cuz he said he and the artist weren’t getting along cuz they both had different oppinions on the way the character should go. In my oppinion it doesn’t matter who writes it as long as the story is good and takes al simons on great adventures

    1. At NYCC both Johnboy and Brian Wood were on hand for signing. I know I have the poster around here somewhere they did. Also had a Spiderman #1 signed by TMcF too. I know Mel the Movie Guy ended up with one of my signed posters before the shows end.

      1. So why it it limited to just those writers? There are others who have won Eisners. Paul Jenkins off the top of my head. I wonder who it will be?

  5. I’d add Paul Jenkins to the list then. He won the Eisner for the Inhumans series with Jae Lee and has done work for the big two.

    1. Could be, but he won for best new series and not as best writer.
      full list:
      Best Writer[edit]
      1988 Alan Moore, Watchmen (DC)
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