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There is a reason I pick Walking Dead books each week they come out for the picks of the week. One show out, one on the way, plenty of material for harvesting show ideas. As we have previously stated, Alexandria is on its way, or the survivors are on their way to Alexandria. Casting news is leaking out.
TV line is reporting actor Ross Marquand has landed the role of a “a prominent gay character.” There have been several who have played key roles. The most prominent being Jesus, but that is sadly not who is showing up.

The network would not confirm the specifics of Marquand role, but TVLine hears that the actor will be playing Aaron, a prominent gay character from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic series.

Aaron first appears in The Walking Dead #67. Aaron is responsible for bringing Rick and the survivors into Alexandria. Of course Alexandria appears two issues later in The Walking Dead #69.

9 thoughts on “More Walking Dead Spec”

  1. Walking Dead #133 with the First Appearance of Lydia is one to watch as well. She seems to be a major character in development

          1. I did too, sort of, but he’s dangerous and makes bad decisions. I’m tired of looking at that hole in his face too. 😉

  2. I thought I had this one, just picked up a NM+ off eBay.. they seem to be slim pickings currently, mostly CGC up for sale.

      1. Yeah, certainly getting harder and harder. Austin Books still has back issues pre-100 but most of those are NM- or worse.

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