Feathers #1 sold out and not going back for a second print

While many books sell out and go to a second print. It is rare that a sold out book would not. Feathers #1 is one of the rare books that isn’t going back for a second printing.
We had Feathers #1 as our Pick of the Week for 1/7/15. A day later, Terry Hoknes had Feathers #1 on his Sold Out List for 1/7/15.
Now, Bleeding Cool is talking about the lack of a reprint for Feathers #1 having the potential for heating up on the secondary market in a fashion similar to Over the Garden Wall.
Keep this one on your radar. It is currently selling for cover but that could all change.

10 thoughts on “Feathers #1 sold out and not going back for a second print”

    1. I was about to list my 10th Anniversary 1:10 variant I picked up. Gonna wait now to see! I just listed an Over the Wall Variant I picked up at a shop for $9.99, still sitting quietly in their variant boxes.. has a couple of spine stress marks but I’m pretty sure I’ll still double my money or better.. 🙂

      1. Also, seems the 1:10 variant outnumbers the regular and 1:20 variant for the most part currently. Probably gonna have to let them dry up some before listing if there’s any heat on these.

  1. I’ll wait a couple weeks and see what the market looks like before I list. Although I might have to pick up a 1:10 now. I have the regular and 1:20. It’ll probably fetch more being a complete set.

    1. Yes, now would likely be the best time to grab one for relatively cheap for the possible gamble later. 🙂

  2. It was an interesting book. I was debating on getting it and saw it in the pick of the week, and when talking to the owner at my LCS I was pretty sold. Glad I decided to get two now!

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