Wytches #4 ComicXposure variant

I am loving Wytches. Did the signing with Scott Snyder yesterday and told him all about it. It is not only the horror that is great, it is the realism of characters. Scott Snyder told me that there is going to be some interesting developments between Sailor and her dad. He also mentioned that Severed helped him figure out that he could tell dark stories, and that fans react well to his darkness (read Severed it is good.)
We have been spotlighting variant covers for the series, so here is one that is creepy good.
Wytches04-covC-CE (3)
Our friends at ComicXposure is offering up this beauty. The books ships on 2/4/15 but is available for pre-order. It features a creepy cover by Babs Tarr (Batgirl).

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