Likes and Dislikes for the Week of November 7th, 2018

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of November 7th, 2018.
Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.
So what’s grinding my gears this week?
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Wytches Movie first draft written

Wytches came out last October to great fanfare. While Scott Snyder was at NYCC he broke the news the comic was optioned for a movie by Brad Pitt’s production company. Little news has come out since then. Not long ago it was leaked that there were producers involved. Now,in an interview, Scott Snyder mentioned the first draft of the script has been written. Continue reading “Wytches Movie first draft written”

Wytches #4 Comicxposure giveaway

Two big books to give away this week. First up is the Wytches #1 comicxposure variant. This is courtesy of or friends at Comicxposure naturally.

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Wytches #4 ComicXposure variant

I am loving Wytches. Did the signing with Scott Snyder yesterday and told him all about it. It is not only the horror that is great, it is the realism of characters. Scott Snyder told me that there is going to be some interesting developments between Sailor and her dad. He also mentioned that Severed helped him figure out that he could tell dark stories, and that fans react well to his darkness (read Severed it is good.)
We have been spotlighting variant covers for the series, so here is one that is creepy good. Continue reading “Wytches #4 ComicXposure variant”

Scott Snyder Signing

Always love coming back from a signing and showing pictures and stories. Scott Snyder was awesome but also the most brutal signing I have done. Continue reading “Scott Snyder Signing”

Wytches #3 Third Eye Variant

Wytches has been one of the hottest books to come out recently. the variant covers have been very popular, with the king still being the NYCC variant. Continue reading “Wytches #3 Third Eye Variant”

Wytches Thought Bubble Variants at Forbidden Planet

Just a heads up, a friend turned me on to this one since my Thought Bubbles variant fell through. Continue reading “Wytches Thought Bubble Variants at Forbidden Planet”

October 2014 Print run Estimates in

I love when Comichron updates their website with the print runs. Usually the top 10 are no surprise, Walking Dead, Batman, some event books. But it’s the bottom of the list I always go to. Here are the print runs for the spec books we have been talking about. Continue reading “October 2014 Print run Estimates in”

Wytches #2 Cover Gallery

Wytches was the big hit of last month for variant covers. We ran a gallery of Wytches #1 so we are doing it again spotlighting the different variants for Wytches #2. Continue reading “Wytches #2 Cover Gallery”

Wytches #2 Phantom Variants

We spotlighted the cover for the Wytches #2 Third Eye Variants last night. Today, Larry from Larry’s comics sent these over today. Continue reading “Wytches #2 Phantom Variants”

Wytches #2 Third Eye Variant

Super pumped about Wytches. After walking away from New York Comic Con with some of the NYCC variants, and the movie announcement, and the fact the comic just kicked so much butt right out of the stable, Wytches has become one of my new obsessions.
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First Appearance of Wytches

If Wytches heats up, as it should, people will want to find the early appearance / first appearance of the book and characters. Here is one still cheap, for now. Continue reading “First Appearance of Wytches”

Wytches #1 Variant Gallery and Poll

Wytches #1 was our hands down pick of the week. Even with a possible large print run and variants it still is going to be an in demand book. Think of it as a grower not a shower, as the kids say. Here are the variant covers. Let us know in the poll which one you like best. Continue reading “Wytches #1 Variant Gallery and Poll”

Wytches Francavilla Variant heating up

Wytches, Scott Snyder’s new Image book, will be out this Wednesday, and people are already clamoring for the variant covers. Continue reading “Wytches Francavilla Variant heating up”

Preview of Scott Snyder's Wytches

Entertainment Weekly ran a six page preview of Scott Snyder’s new horror series Wytches, coming out from Image. Scott Snyder is a fan favorite, especially for his work on the New 52’s Batman. Continue reading “Preview of Scott Snyder's Wytches”