October and November Loot Crates available

I have quickly become a fan of Loot Crate I really dug the Walking Dead and Batman exclusive comics and am in for the Star Wars Exclusive, even though I know there will be a billion printed. Loot Crate has made available two of their previous Crates. 
The October Crate includes one each of the following: Death by Kitten T-shirt, Exclusive Sledgesaw Hammer Pen, How to Survive a Sharknado book, Exclusive issue of The Walking Dead comic book #132, Exclusive Super Emo Friends print by JSalvador, Tattoo sheet, Toxic Waste candy, and Loot Crate Magazine #15.
The Walking Dead #132 Loot Crate Variant still sells between $5-$10 on eBay.
The November Loot Crate includes one each of the following: Exclusive Pirate Vs Ninja T-shirt, Exclusive Mega Man Mini Helmet Replica, Halo Drop Ship , Exclusive Assassin’s Creed Unity Coin, Exclusive Street Fighter Headband, and Loot Crate Magazine #16.
To get one of the previous Crates go to Loot Crate‘s web site, click gift, and scroll down.

4 thoughts on “October and November Loot Crates available”

  1. Wasn’t the print run of Walking Dead loot crate in the 300k range too? If they could pull that many with Walking Dead, for sure the Star Wars is going to be huge. I actually budged and got one myself.

  2. I am just standing back up after falling to the floor. AGENTPOYO listed books for sale on the bay! Hell has frozen over and the fat lady is singing. I wonder if CGC can produce a label on these stating “AGENTPOYO collection” LOL.

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