March Lootcrate has Exclusive Harley Comic Plus more

I had dropped the hint that this month’s Versus Box had some goodies that kept me interested. Here are the biggies. Not to late to jump in and save $5 when you go through this link to to sign up (just a few hours left):
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Loot Crate March to have Exclusive Harley Quinn Item

I know there will be at least a t-shirt in this month’s loot crate. There will also be an exclusive Dorbz vinyl figure from Funko in it. Well, there also will be an Exclusive Harley Quinn item. Continue reading “Loot Crate March to have Exclusive Harley Quinn Item”

November LootCrate “Combat” Crate Unboxing

Joe and I finally received our Lootcrate this month. The crates usually come in on the 18th of the month. Ours came December 1st, and only after a call being placed to Loot Crate about the box being lost in West Virginia for many days. Loot Crate shipped out a replacement box. Still hopes we could receive the first one, but doubt it. Continue reading “November LootCrate “Combat” Crate Unboxing”

October Lootcrate “Time” Unboxing

Joe got home just in time from his hot dinner date to help me make October’s Loot Crate Unboxing Video.

This crate was a good one, check it out. Continue reading “October Lootcrate “Time” Unboxing”

NYCC Lootcrate “Creepy” Unboxing Video

I splurged this year and bought a NYCC Exclusive Lootcrate box. There was a lot of buzz about it so I wanted to go ahead and give it a try. Joe and I crack open the box to show what is inside. Continue reading “NYCC Lootcrate “Creepy” Unboxing Video”

September 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing Summon Theme

We are back from a week long vacation and were happy to see the September 2015 Lootcrate box sitting on our front stoop. Joe was particularly exited to open it. This was the last one from my subscription and I was basing renewing the subscription depending on how good the box was. Check out the video below: Continue reading “September 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing Summon Theme”

August Loot Crate Villains 2 Unboxing

I have been really excited for this months Loot Crate as I expected a Joker figure of some sort. Well, some sort of Joker figure was obtained. Check out this months Loot Crate: Continue reading “August Loot Crate Villains 2 Unboxing”

Joker Figure in August Lootcrate?

Will there be a Joker Figure in August’s Loot Crate? Pretty good chance at this point. Last month’s Heroes 2 Crate contained a Batman 66 Q-Pop figure. This month, the follow up to Heroes 2 is Villains. Check out what the latest preview for August’s crate. Continue reading “Joker Figure in August Lootcrate?”

August Loot Crate Theme: Looks to be a good one. 

August Loot Crate looks to be good. Or should I say bad. This month’s theme is Villains and there sounds to be some awesome stuff this month! Continue reading “August Loot Crate Theme: Looks to be a good one. “

Loot Crate May Theme Video

May’s Theme for the Loot Crate subscription box is Unite. I am sure it will be somewhat better than the previous two months as there is a comic in it this month, more on that in a moment, but they also released a fun/funny theme video this month spoofing the Power Rangers. Continue reading “Loot Crate May Theme Video”

Loot Crate May theme revealed

Hoping after April’s Loot Crate for a toy or comic book. Could be a good box to jump on.
May’s theme is UNITE! We’re gathering all our friends, painting animal-shaped robots our favorite colors, and prepping for an EPIC team up! Why? Well two heads are better than one, there’s strength in numbers, and we had like ten whole notebooks full of awesome, unused band names. Get set to travel across dimensions, battle evil, capture some flags, and just plain have fun! We’ve got awesome exclusives from Marvel’s Avengers, Power Rangers, Team Fortress 2, Bravest Warriors, Rick and Morty and more, plus an EXCLUSIVE licensed t-shirt! 

You can check out Loot Crate here.

LootCrate April Unboxing Video *fixed*

Sorry, videos have been fixed.
I have been a big fan of LootCrate for a while now. Mystery box surprises coming once a month (more than that as I have subscriptions to several different mystery box services.) Here is April’s LootCrate mystery-box unboxing video:
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Diamond announces Orphan Black as the top selling comic book for February

Wait a minute, an IDW book is the top selling comic book for February 2015? Orphan Black #1, based on the BBC America TV show, is the top selling comic book of 2/15?
Beating out Darth Vader #1, Spider-Gwen #1, Star Wars #2, Silk #1?
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February Loot Crate theme

I have been loving Loot Crate. They have been packed full of things that are just fun. My son is wearing around the Space Invaders skinny tie and 8-bit sunglasses. I of course got the Star Wars comic and Voltron T-Shirt as well as the Nintendo style figure in my shelf at work.
Anyway, the February Loot Crate theme has been announced. See it below:
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January Loot Crate Unboxing

I love Loot Crates. I have been picking up the ones that contain a toy and the comic ones.
Here are some of the goodies this month as a preview:
January’s video is after the bump.
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October and November Loot Crates available

I have quickly become a fan of Loot Crate I really dug the Walking Dead and Batman exclusive comics and am in for the Star Wars Exclusive, even though I know there will be a billion printed. Loot Crate has made available two of their previous Crates.  Continue reading “October and November Loot Crates available”

Loot Crate exclusive Star Wars Cover for issue #1

This month’s Loot Crate theme is rewind. Looks like they could be sending out items from previous crates. There was an awesome retro video looking like an old video recording that kind of spotlighted this.

It said items may vary and shows the Slimer Ghostbusters door hanger from last month. There is also going to be a Star Wars #1 comic featuring a Gabrielle Dell’Otto cover. Star had the official announcement.

You can click here to go to Loot Crate’s Web site and use the code “save3” to save $3 on a loot crate.