11 thoughts on “Brian Michael Bendis on Late Night with Seth Meyers”

    1. Haha, he’s too busy with Powers Vol. 4 now.. 😉
      I liked United States of Murder but had to drop it. It just didn’t make the cut when I was cutting some ongoing titles from my monthly pulls. I do want to retire one day, can’t be spending all my money on comics and I don’t want to depend solely on SS. 😉

      1. When the Powers TV show was announced I knew United States would be put on hold. I really liked the series and it’s one of my favorites going. If it’s going to be months between issues however I might drop it. Mostly so I don’t get a major cliffhanger and have to wait half a year to see the exciting conclusion.
        I hear, comics are really becoming a rich man’s hobby.

        1. That’s why I stopped reading Mark Millar’s stuff. I’d rather wait, find it in the dollar bin a few months after release or buy TPB instead of waiting a year for the next issue.

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