Wednesday 1/21/15 in review

You just never know what is going to happen on a Wednesday. This one has been crazy.
Terry Hoknes called it early on, I have had several retailers confirm it, and you guys checking in from your local comic shops have also confirmed it, Fantastic Four #642 was the sleeper hit.
And it may seem like a joke, it may seem like a “What If?” Story, it may seem like an “Elseworlds” story, but Sleepwalker #1 has become a $20 book over night. Thanks in large part to the appearance at the end of Fantastic Four #642. Retailers in the know have said that Fantastic Four #643, which will surely appear high on the advance reorder list, will break the internet when it comes out. (I always like saying that, “break the internet” sucha fun thing to say. I also like telling my wife “we are out of internet again” when the wi-fi goes down.”)
In non-Sleepwalker news, Wolverines #3 1 in 25 variant is seeing nice sales. Look for this one to potentially pop if the new character Fantomelle sticks. She is a cosplay friendly character who fans could latch on to. (Always play the angles.)

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 1/21/15 in review”

    1. I was going to but then I decided to wait as it seems plenty are listed and most of the Cover A & B are still only ending or being sold at or a little over cover price. It was a sleeper but I think more are going to seek these out later, so I might gamble and just hold onto mine to see where the story leads.

  1. The Wolverines #3 Variant is really taking off. Seems like a cool new female Wolverine and sweet cover is making this a sure fire hit

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