Agent Poyo's pick of the week for 1/28/15

Each week, Agent Poyo comes out of his top secret liar/chicken coop to drop his picks of the week on us. Here is this weeks for 1/28/15. If you can’t trust a kung-fu fighting cyborg rooster for you comic picks, who can you trust?

Spec Comic:
Munchkin #1 (Boom!) – Fans of the game are likely to snatch these up.
The variants will be the ones to seek out and flip. But flip quickly
in my opinion, these likely won’t stay hot long if they do heat up.
Once the fans get their copies, these will likely cool off.
Noteworthy Pick:
There’s two of them from Image. Casanova Acedia #1 (Fraction) and The
The Dead and the Dying #1 (Hickman). Both from extremely popular writers
and both have potential to become long time ongoing pulls each month.
Honorable Mention:
Effigy #1 from DC/Vertigo. Tim Seeley brings a story about Hollywood
stars, murder and cults that worship them. If done right, might be a
good pick up. Seeley keeps me buying Revival each month, why not
another one?

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