Marvel's "forceful" announcement

So, we were way off on the “forceful” announcement being Star Wars related. The obvious connection was there, force and Star Wars. Instead, (and really should have seen this coming as it aired on the female-centric The View), Marvel announced the all female character book A-Force.


Today on The View, Marvel Comics announced A-Force, a new series written by Ms. Marvel and X-Men writer G. Willow Wilson and Angela: Asgard’s Assassin writer Marguerite Bennett, and drawn by X-Men artist Jorge Molina.
The series will feature A-Force, a new, all-female team that will replace the Avengers during the events of Marvel’s Secret Wars mega-crossover.
The team will consist of She-Hulk, Medusa, Dazzler, Nico Minoru and many of Marvel’s other top female heroes. The series will also debut a new, cosmically powered heroine named Singularity. The team will form in Arcadia, the female paradise region of Battleworld, to battle an old foe from Marvel’s past.
“We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of very different characters — from disparate parts of the Marvel U, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies,” Wilson said. “They’ll all have to come together to answer some big questions: What would you sacrifice to succeed? What is being a hero worth?”


11 thoughts on “Marvel's "forceful" announcement”

  1. I guess if you’re going to announce a book that nobody will care about, do it on a show that nobody in their right mind watches

  2. I’m glad they’re leaving Star Wars alone for the moment. I hope they always leave it as a stand alone but I’m sure it’s inevitable that it will show up in some crossover at some point.

    1. Nah, I don’t think they’ll do that. It’d be like introducing Fraggle Rock with the Muppets or something. Star Wars is it’s own entity and it’s going to stay that way (err, better stay that way).

    2. Archie VS. Predator comes to my mind right away. WHAT?!? If there is money to be made it will happen eventually. I really hope they treat it with respect but I think it would be naive to trust Marvel.

    1. I have actually cut back on my buying to sell. I am still sitting on stuff that I need to list and move. I love She-Hulk. One of my favorite Marvel Characters going back to the John Bryne days. I even picked up the Charles Soule Series because I like Soule. But this wasn’t the announcement I was hoping for. I am glad marvel is bringing more diversity to their books though.

  3. Note Spider-Gwen is in the pic. SG will continue to rise in popularity and value for quite a few years. IMO it’s a sign that Marvel is smart enough to keep pushing her with how hot she is.

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