Secret Wars prelude TPB collect events leading to Secret Wars

 Universes are colliding. The Marvel Universe as you know it is about to be destroyed. SECRET WARS #1 is just around the corner. But the path to 2015’s event to end all events can be found in the Secret Wars Prelude
TPB! Hitting stores the same day as SECRET WARS #1, this epic collection is the perfect chance to get caught up in time!
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Marvel and Scribd offering "Netflix" for comics

New York, NY – February 10th, 2015 — Marvel Comics today announced that it has partnered with leading subscription reading service Scribd to provide readers unlimited access to hundreds of Marvel’s collected editions starring Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Hulk, and more. This offering represents the first time Marvel Comics will be available via a subscription service alongside other content forms including eBooks and audiobooks. Continue reading “Marvel and Scribd offering "Netflix" for comics”

Marvel's "forceful" announcement

So, we were way off on the “forceful” announcement being Star Wars related. The obvious connection was there, force and Star Wars. Instead, (and really should have seen this coming as it aired on the female-centric The View), Marvel announced the all female character book A-Force.

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