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So the news came out that Marvel had gotten partial control of Spider-man and he would be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means he will be appearing in the Marvel Movies at some point. Here are some books to definitely keep an eye out for:
Avengers #316– Both my friends at G+ Comic Book Speculation and Investment and have been singing the praises of this one. In panel Spider-man is asked to ,and joins the Avengers.
New Avengers #1– Can be found very cheaply, but Spider-man “officially” joins the Avengers.
Amazing Spider-man #529 First Iron Spider Costume (Lead up to Civil War)
Any others you can think of let us know.

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  1. Maybe risky…but I think the books leading up to, and after 316 might all be good ones to watch out for as well. Spidey joins The Avengers in #316, but that is just scratching the surface. Spidey is also in 314-15 and 317-18. The villain in all these books is Nebula…who is already a cinematic U. character. The Avengers team in these books are all in the cinematic U. with the exception of Sersi…who can easily be swapped out for Sif (or not used) if they borrow plot points from these arcs. Quasar and Starfox also in this arc. Both good candidates for the cinematic U given the popularity of GOTG movie and Thanos’ definite presence in the films. This run as good a speculation as buying the Infinity War mini or Civil Wars mini (both series very unlikely to have much to do with the movies of the same name given the sheer number of characters involved…this Avengers arc much more doable)

    1. I hear you and with Nebula in this arc it’s very interesting. I checked online one last time before calling it a night yesterday and was able to grab 314-318 pretty cheap. I noticed Spidey was in these other books so I grabbed the complete arcs. Time will tell but I do believe these five will do very well if this develops into what we’re hoping for.

  2. I’m a little surprised Avengers #236 hasn’t seen an uptick. The Avengers return to the mansion to find Spider-man waiting with a request: “I want to be an Avenger!,” which is also the title of story. On the cover, Spider-man is front and center while Cap, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, etc. stick to the background while the tagline “Spiderman — An Avenger –?” finds new relevance in light of the Sony/Marvel agreement.

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