The Walking Dead, getting closer to Negan?

This post contains spoilers so read at your own peril.
Thanks to Mel the Movie guy for this one.
We know it is coming. It is inevitable. Negan is coming to the Walking Dead TV show. did a pretty good write up one some Easter Egg in this past weeks show. Again, don’t read past here if you haven’t watched the show.
The Easter Egg clues are as follows:
1. Glen Walks around with a baseball bat (Negan’s favorite weapon)
2. Lot’s of head smashing going on.
3. Noah finds his mom with her head smashed
Sure, seems a little thin, but I never take anything for granted when it comes to this show. Needless to say, make sure to grab your copy of The Walking Dead #100 especially the lower printed 2nd Print and the 3rd Print.
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14 thoughts on “The Walking Dead, getting closer to Negan?”

  1. Yeah, I also speculate Negan’s group or some bad people are close since there were zombies cut in half, as if they were killed as people then turned to zombies. Plus the truck full of just zombie heads..

  2. I’m sitting on some WD 100 2nd print, hoping that’s the big one… All black cover is tough to find in high 9.8 grade. Best cover of Negan so far.

    1. Yea…I sold my Lucille cover a few weeks back. I probably should of held it a bit longer for I knew this would eventually happen… what I got for it, though, still no regrets! That was a 9.8 unsigned. It’s now back on ebay, CGC’d, for a very high price!

  3. I too am sitting on some 2nd print variants! None better than NM- probably as it’s a tough black cover as already mentioned.
    When Glenn picked up that bat I instantly thought of Negan and said to my wife I hope it wasn’t a sign of things to come. She didn’t know what I was talking about so I told her to read my Compendiums =P

    1. Funny…I had similar situation. My girlfriend watches the show but doesn’t read. I had told her about ‘Lucille’ earlier though, and she said “is this that bat thingy you were going on about.” I too said “please read the books!”

  4. What was the print run of TWD# 100 2nd print , the Black and White regular edition #100 variant , and the signed retailor incentive edition? There are many different stories on ebay.

  5. when i saw the scene where the bat in this ep is first introduced, it definitely felt like a wink-wink nudge-nudge gesture to the audience. It felt exactly like a first act gun if yall are familiar with the concept. This may seem petty to the extreme but the weapon shows up 1st in a reveal style cut and is definitely the focus of the shot. Struck me as weird bc it wasnt as if it was then used immediately to bash. Directly after, i remember Glen and Rick have their solemn heart to heart in thendriveway, and then Michonne utters that line about them “staying out too long.” The reveal of the bat was a jarring, incongruous shot to me. Either theyre f’in with us or its genuine foreshadowing but it felt purposeful

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